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Chileeeee…Yung Miami’s MOTHER, 45, Shoots Her Empty Shot Glass At LIL BABY, 27 . .👁🪓🪓🪓

Word On The Curb..

Yung Miami’s mother Keenya Young is 45 years old, single and looking to mingle. She apparently however has her eyes set on a rapper who she finds attractive – and that guy is Lil Baby, 27.

Keenya started following Lil Baby a few months ago, and she’s been liking virtually all his pictures. But, now she’s becoming even more flirtatious.

The 45 year old grandmother, who was recently released from prison for her involvement in the killing of a mall security guard, has started leaving hearts all over Lil Baby’s posts

Miss Keenya’s flirting seems to be working. As of this morning, Lil Baby is now following Yung Miami’s mother. According to Miss Keenya’s Instagram settings, she can only receive DMs from people who are following her.

Word Round The Sissy Bar.. Diddy Been Feeding The Sewer Rat Cheese..🔨🔨🔨

Chileeeeeee..Sewer Rats Fans Think Miami Vice Confirmed Diddy’s Smashing Her P*ssy To Smithereens, After THIS Post That Has Since Been Deleted..

The clip of 27-year-old Caresha and Diddy, 53, Doing absolutely nothing spread around social media. Chileeeeeee We The People Say..

That was her intention..

Anything for attention. Cause the music ain’t hitting on Shit.. 🗣And Weeeeee Doooooon’t Caaaaare ..ITO aka 🗣In That Orderrrr 🔨🔨🔨

JT From Sewer Rats AKA City Girls Caught Sniffing Cocaine On IG LIVE!!

JT, one half of the female hip hop group City Girls is going viral today. She went on IG Live last night, and was behaving in a very strange manner.

Some on social media are speculating that the female emcee may have been sniffing cocaine, in the middle of her Live.

Here is the video – of JT allegedly sniffing drugs

In the video, JT appears to be extra jittery – which is a bit strange on it’s own. But the pretty rapper also seems to keep sniffling. Both are symptoms of recent cocaine use.

Then things get even more bizarre. On at least 3 times during the livestream, JT moves off camera, and you can hear her sniffing loud. Some are suggesting that she went off camera – so that she could do a line of cocaine.

JT, real name Jatavia Shakara Johnson, and her partner Caresha Romeka Brownlee (Yung Miami) make up the City Girls – the biggest female hip hop duo since Salt N Pepa.

JT was recently incarcerated in federal prison for credit card fraud. She was released this year, and the duo has been burning up the charts ever since.

Here is the video – of JT allegedly sniffing drugs

Southside Shows Off All 6 Of His Babies..

Super producer and Caresha’s baby daddySouthside must have gotten the memo that fans were going ga-ga over how ADORABLE their babySummer Miami is because he flooded IG with even MORE of his precious kiddies.

Just a day ago, Southside, 30, posted up this clip of Summer on his arms. The precious baby girl looks like a doll, even while she has the hiccups. Its the CUTEST case of the hiccups ever! Fans flooded the comment section over how precious the baby girl is. You can tell her daddy is proud of her and all of his children by his response…

Keep worrying about ur homeboys and what IG THINK IMA MAN I ONLY CARE WHAT THEESE 6 think this my whole life in one picture I love u all to infinity

Dumb Bit%h Alert?The Sewer Rat Done Said Some Dumb Ignorant Sh*t Again..

Yung Miami had a baby a few days ago and was immediately showered with praise over hergorgeous bundle of joy. Then Yung Miami decided to go full Yung Miami when talking about the baby, so she went out a caption that read: “I’m convinced I have to be Chinese or Asian! My baby is everything!”

Um. Ma’am? Plenty of people seemed to see this as some sort of anti-black or racist sentiment. Others? They just chalk it up to Miami’s ignorance. Regardless, the internet is absolutely going ham over it.

Sewer Rat Had Her Litter..

Caresha Browniee aka Yung Miami aka Sewer Rats of rap duo The City Girls. She just gave birth to a baby girl. The rapper announced the birth of her daughter in an Instagram caption earlier today along with her legal name — Summer Miami.

Summer Miami’s papi Southside is featured in her very first public photo. The fresh infant is swaddled in her hospital crib while her father enjoys a slumber just feet away. Swipe below to see an adorable snap of Summer Miami’s little tooshie.

So precious! Summer Miami is Caresha’s second child. She has a son, 6-years-old, from a previous relationship named Jai. JT of The City Girls expressed her excitement for her partner in rap with a tweet.

The Sewer Rats Taken Over The Halfway House..

Ugly Fugly the man behind the City Girls says JT is so focused on cranking out new hits … she went straight to a studio even before hugging her mom when she got outta prison.

We got Pierre Thomas — Quality Control Music cofounder — at LAX and he told our guy he’s expecting big things from the City Girls now that JT is no longer behind bars, and they’re hard at work to prove him right.

Pee says JT and Yung Miami are busy working on their new album, and spoiler alert — he tells us it’s dropping sooner than you’d expect!

TMZ broke the story … JT is living in a halfway house now to complete her prison sentence, and she’s allowed to leave during the day to record music.

You’ll recall … JT went to prison back in June 2018 after turning herself in on fraud charges. It was less than great timing, because as soon as she got locked up … the City Girls started blowing up.

As we told you, Yung Miami threw down $52,000 on some custom diamond jewelry as a coming home present for JT — but Pee says there will be no blowout welcome home party.

According to the boss, playtime is over, and as her mom learned — JT’s all about putting in work now.