Word On The Curb..Webbie had to be carried out of a club this weekend after he stumbled off stage following what appears to be a medical emergency … and the scary moment is on video.

The Louisiana rapper was performing Friday night at 213 Lux Lounge in Roanoke, VA — and at some point during his concert (or perhaps shortly thereafter) he was caught on camera looking ill and being led out of the building by his team … staggering along the way.

Right before that, he seemed fine … playing to a packed crowd and having level footing with seemingly no issues.

That makes this clip all the more alarming … you see Webbie struggling to stay on his feet as he starts to exit the stage and reaching out for assistance — but before he can clear the doorway, the guy collapses on the floor.

His guys surround him and they appear to start calling for help and for someone to dial 911. Before long, though, they hoist Webbie up themselves and carry him out of the building … this as people looked on in fear, and while someone else was on stage rapping.

It’s unclear what exactly happened to him here — some are speculating it may have been a seizure of some sort, but we haven’t confirmed that. It’s unclear where he was taken after this … presumably, his team rushed him to the hospital — because this looked serious.

Rapper Boosie Has BEEF w/ Former Best Friend Webbie!

Louisiana rappers Boosie and Webbie were the best of friends just a few years ago. Now the two rappers seem to have some kind of beef.

Beyond their friendship, the two also made classic music together for nearly a decade and a half. 

But around 2016, something fell off between the two rappers. And the two have not made any music together since then. 

Boosie sat down with Dj Vlad from Vlad TV earlier this year, and spoke briefly on his relationship with his former BFF Webbie. Vlad,asked if the two rappers had any bad blood between them.

Boosie quickly shot down the idea of him and his former rap partner beefing. “I ain’t got no beef with Webbie, man, hell naw. I could never beef with Webbie. Hell naw!” 

But Vlad pressed Boosie, and asked why they had not made any music since 2016. Boosie then started unwittingly spilling his own tea. “It ain’t me dawg, we just don’t see eye to eye on some sh*t,” commented Boosie, “It ain’t me. I still love him, [but] I feel like it ain’t me. That’s my ni**a. I love that ni**a. I been through a lot with that ni**a. I just … I gotta keep going. I’m a train, dawg. I gotta keep on going.”

We just gotta get on the same page,” sigh Boosie. “When I get pissed off, I get pissed off. But I love that ni**a … I adapted to this new world sh*t. I gotta keep going, Vlad. Hopefully, we get in there, we make some more classics, but every month and a half I’m dropping a classic.”

Well yesterday Boosie spoke out about Webbie on IG – and he seemed a lot more hostile towards his former friend.

Boosie Badazz Taking Shots At Webbie On “I Remember” With Mo3

Did Boosie Badazz take some shots at his former friend Webbie on his new single “I Remember” with Mo3.

Boosie Badazz and Weebie was the Southern duo that seemed inseparable during the 90s to early 2000s. However, the world has shown us time and time again that the only thing constant is this life is change. Baton Rouge and hip hop on a whole, experienced this through the ‘demise’ of the relationship between Lil Boosie and Webbie. Sad to say, the two rappers no longer share a close musical bond, with their last collaborative effort being in 2016. 

The underlying cause of their beef is not clear at this point, as Boosie Badazz has mentioned on numerous occasions that the two are not beefing. Earlier this year, Webbie might have given us a clue as to why the two are no longer close. While going through the comment section of a Vlad Tv interview that Boosie did, fans stumbled on a comment from Webbie. The “Show Da World” seemingly co-signed another comment claiming that money got the best of Boosie, and he switched up.

Webbie iced the rumors day after by sharing a throwback picture of himself and his boy [Boosie] performing. He captioned the post, “A1 cents DAY1. It’s ah negative [world] bra..people enjoy negative energy way more than positive energy ..#coachwebbie IF ME N B WAS FIGHTING ON THIS PIC .. I bet it would get millions of views and likes..but sense it’s another pic of us having a good time ..Enjoying Life.. LETS SEE WHAT IT DOES.. crazy world bra.”

This seemingly put an end to any indication of any beef, and both rappers have been continuing with their lives. Boosie has been working hard in the studio and even teamed up with rapper Mo3 for a joint 15 new tracks album called, ‘Badazz Mo3.’

One of the standout tracks from the album is titled “I Remember.” While listening to the song, there is a specific line that makes you question if there bad blood between the two Southen kings.

“Up in the malice, up in the malice, me n my Savage. I ain’t talkin bout Webbie, I’m talkin bout n*ggas who really be steppin for me,” Boosie rapped.

Is he highlighting that it is Weebie is no longer in the game and doesn’t share the same loyalty that he once did?

It’s a little bit hard to tell the true intentions of the line, and we may just have to wait for the questions to catch up to Boosie and for him to address it on his social media or Vlad Tv’s chair.