Violence BREAKS OUT At The Pit Bull Vs The Baddest Bassett Hound Verzuz Battle

Word On The Curb..Violence popped off at the Vs Battle in Miami and No Love Just Floppers Tommie Lee was smack dab in the middle of it all.

The actual Verzuz battle was Tired & Threw. The two ladies were not in the studio together, Sourpuss filmed in Miami, while Eve appeared live from London.

That was lucky for Eve. Because during one of the breaks in the show – No Love Just Floppers Tommie got into a fight with a girl and is on her way back to jail..???

SourPuss SourPuss SourPuss ?Is BACK TO STRIPPING – Leaks Explicit Pics/Videos On Onlyfans!!

Chileeeeeee… Word On The Curb.. SourPuss so broke she back to stripping and the people are gagging…

K Trina Sour Pussie Harbor began her career in hip hop as a stripper for 2 Live Crew, and now the streets has confirmed that Trina may be stripping again. Cause ?Ain’t No More Money Bitch!

Yesterday Trina announced that she’s joined Onlyfans, and plans to leak explicit images of herself and possibly videos as well