Sheree Whitfield

Shereé… He Stood You Up Again?!Again Gurl! 🪓🪓🪓👁

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Shereé Whitfield’s Prison Bae Stood Her Up..Again And Weeeeee Doooon’t Caaaaaaare!

On this week’s episode of House Hoes Of Atlanta

Sheree was shown traveling milessssss from New York to Philadelphia to see her man, Tyrone but was unceremoniously stood up while cameras rolled. Tyrone is of course her previously incarcerated boo who was in home confinement in Philadelphia following serving time for wire fraud.

While Shereé was on a cast trip to New York she made plans to see him but apparently, it “wasn’t within the 100-mile radius” that he’s allowed to travel in while on house arrest—even though New York is technically only 95 miles away from Philly.

So instead of Tyrone coming to her, Shereé hopped in a Sprinter van and traveled to Pennsylvania.

After making it to Philly and taking a seat at an outdoor restaurant while dripping in fur, Shereé grew increasingly agitated as time ticked by. The housewife continued to call Tyrone to no avail and at one point she phoned her daughter Tierra to explain what was going on.

“I don’t wanna think the worst but I’m starting to think the worst,” said Sheree in a confessional as time continued going by and as Tyrone continued ignoring her calls and texts and the people are gagging..

SHEREE WHITFIELD ON THE OUTS WITH Prison BF.. Show Almost Put Him Back in Prison!!!

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Sheree Whitfield is not on speaking terms with her boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams … because her reality TV career almost cost him his freedom.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … the ‘RHOA’ star and Tyrone — who’s currently sentenced to home confinement — have not spoken since a November 6 incident, when Sheree told Tyrone she was leaving NYC to go visit him in Philadelphia.

The trouble started a few hours before they were scheduled to meet … because Sheree told Tyrone she would have an ‘RHOA’ camera crew with her when she got to town.

Making matters worse, this photo started circulating online … showing Sheree sitting alone at a Philly restaurant. Eagle-eyed fans noticed 2 menus on the table — not to mention the camera crew — and assumed Tyrone was there shooting scenes.

Although he wasn’t, he was worried about the optics with the courts.

As we first told you … when Sheree returned to ‘RHOA,’ she made it clear she wanted her relationship with Tyrone to be a big storyline — but that seems derailed now. Since the incident in Philly, we’re told they have not spoken, and there’s been no apology from either side.

Sheree Gets ‘Facelift’ As She Tries To Return To REAL HouseHoes Of Atlanta

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Sheree Whitfield will be returning to the Real Housewives Of Atlanta – and she’s planning on looking better than ever.

Chileeeeeee the reality Whoraaaa underwent a series of minor facial procedures – which we’re going to collectively call a “facelift” to prepare for her return.

And unlike most of the plastic surgery we’ve seen lately – Sheree actually looks BETTER after the operation. Sometimes LESS is MORE when it comes to facial adjustments.

Sheree went to Epione cosmetics in Beverly Hills and had what they are calling a “facial contouring” to “enhance the jawline chin and cheeks.”

Sheree Whitfield Thinks NeNe Leakes’ Friendship With Wendy Williams Is ‘Strategic’

Although Sheree Whitefield is no longer part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, she was a guest onWatch What Happens Live the night of the explosive virtual reunion.

Miss Sheree gave her opinions as if she was still part of the series, especially when it came  to NeNe Leakes and Wendy Williams

Earlier this year, NeNe and Wendy reconciled after years of shade. However, things fell apart again when Wendy publicly accused NeNe of FaceTiming her while taping RHOA, which NeNe denied.

During the virtual reunion, all of the castmates said NeNe’s friendship with Wendy was strictly a strategy for more fame and attention because Wendy’s platform is so big on her daytime talk show.

Sheree concurred when asked by Andy Cohen, “Strategic.” She repeated, “Strategic.”

However, actor Michael Rapport had NeNe’s back, saying, “Wendy’s a boss. NeNe’s a boss. I think it’s a good relationship.”

Sheree quickly asked with a shady smile, “You think they’re really friends?”

Rapport retorted with, “Hollywood friends, show business friends.”

Sheree interrupted with more shade, “Hollywood friends? Okay!”

Shereé Says Her Mom “Was Just Taking Time Away” While Presumed Missing

Shereé Whitfield is opening up about what really went down when her mom was presumed missing. As previously reported the former RHOA star asked the public for help finding her mother Ms. Thelma Ferguson, 77, in early April. According to Sheree, while her mom is quite independent and sometimes takes “personal time away from family” she essentially left all her relatives on read and they were growing concerned.

Just days later, however, Ms. Thelma was found, but fans were still a bit unclear on what happened.

According to Sheree while she was feeling panicked, it turned out that her mom was just SICK of being quarantined and needed to escape from Sheree and Sheree’s kids; Tierra, Kaleigh, and Kairo.

So I think that we were all getting on each other’s nerves at one point or she kind of needed some time,” Shereé explained live from her chateau on Sunday’s episode of WWHL: @ Home.And that’s who she is,” she added. “She’s unapologetic about it. She don’t feel like she owes anyone an excuse.”

Andy Cohen then clarified with Shereé that her mom “wasn’t missing,” but that “she was just taking time.” According to the reality star that’s correct—but the family was just unaware.

We did not know that though. She took time and didn’t let us know,” said Shereé, who previously noted on Instagram that her mom has gone on vacation without notifying her family in the past. “That was the longest we had gone without ever hearing from her. And then we had this pandemic going on, so it was just a little scary for all of us.”

Interestingly enough, while the ladies of RHOA are known for being shady, Shereé told Andy that ALL of the housewives reached out to her in concern–even her frequent foe, Nene Leakes.

You know what, all of the girls reached out, including Nene, which I thought was amazing. You know, I also reached out to her when I found out Gregg [Leakes] was sick,” said Shereé. “So at the end of the day, you know, we may have our issues or whatever, but when it comes to our families and things like that, I don’t wish any bad ill on anybody and their family, and I think it’s the reverse as well.”

Isn’t’ that sweet?

Sheree’s full interview was considerably mild considering that she JUST sent some shady NeNe’s way. In case you missed it, NeNe said during an IG Live with Basketball Wife Jennifer Williams that Sheree likes to hang with con-artists. That lead to this clap back

Looks like that’s water over the bridge, now.

Real Housewives Alum Shereé Whitfield Says Her Mom Has Been Missing Since March

Shereé Whitfield is asking for prayers as the search for her mother wages on. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum took to social media on Wednesday to reveal that her mom, Thelma Ferguson, is missing. 

“Please keep my mom and my family in your prayers! We all know that prayers can move mountains!!! I was hesitant to post my concerns for my mother’s safe return because, although I have been in close contact with the police for the past two weeks, I’m also pretty private when it comes to my family,” she wrote in a statement on Instagram. “Also, in the past, my mom has taken personal vacations without letting the family know and we respect that side of her. However, this is the longest she have gone without reaching out to anyone from the family or her friends. Right now we are leaning on God and staying positive and prayerful for her safe return home. HOME is where the HEART is and prayer in numbers work.

The reality star concluded, “As we all continue to navigate through these uncertain times, remember the blessings of having each other…. Family is everything! I ask that everyone pray for my mother’s safe return home. And know that our family will be internally [sic] grateful.”

She also noted, “If anyone has any information we ask that you please call Sandy Springs police at 770-551-6923 or email the detective handling the missing persons case at Thank you!”

On Wednesday, the Sandy Springs Police Department in Georgia issued a press release, obtained by E! News, confirming Ferguson is currently a missing person.

The Sandy Springs Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance in locating a missing person. Thelma Ferguson was last seen by her family on March 23, 2020 after leaving her Sandy Springs home,” the release stated. “Ms. Ferguson was last seen wearing gray pants, black shirt and driving a gray 2009 Honda Accord bearing Georgia tag: RMZ5773. Ms. Ferguson has ties in the states of Ohio and California.”

Look What Ahzookha Done Started?Sheree Whitfield HITZ the ’Gram With Bikini Thirst Trap About To Catch The Coronavirus In Thailand ?

Atlanta is in the middle of a warm winter and it shows, based on former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast mate Sheree Whitfield’s photographic trip down memory lane with her “hot girl summer” bikini pics.

With her back arched and thickness on display, Whitfield propped her legs up and laid her head back in a patio chair for a sexy photo, one apparently taken on her recent trip to Thailand.

She quoted “Sex Talk” lyrics by Megan Thee Stallion for the caption: “Got more milkshake than Kelis. Ain’t met a man who can handle me…I think I should be in museums ’cause this body a masterpiece.”

Fans of the woman behind the famous “who gon’ check me, boo” line could hardly contain themselves as they took in all of her curves. 

“Yass CURVES & ARCH! ???” and “???? Body hunni ???,” read many of the comments. One fan simply wrote, “Lord have mercy.”

“Yeess ma’am it is!! Goodt lordt ???”

“Talk that shaaaat!,” wrote a woman who fully supports Whitfield’s effortless slay.

Since celebrating 50th birthday in Thailand last month, Whitfield has left fans agog over her thicker figure and overall appearance. Whether rocking a bikini, gym clothes or a casual ‘fit, she always woos fans.

Though she has been absent from the RHOA since stirring the pot during season 10, it does not mean she has been lying idle. 

“I’m in a new chapter in my life and I’ve decided not to return to RHOA so that I can focus on myself and my businesses, spend more time with my family, and explore new endeavors,” said Whitfield in 2018. She went on to say, “As promised, please stay tuned for She by Sheree to launch, we’ll be accepting pre-orders soon!”

Speaking of her clothing line, she rolled out a promo video in October 2018 showing off joggers and T-shirts and gave her She by Sheree website a makeover. Yet, fans are still wondering when, if ever, they will be able to make a purchase.

It’s been like 10 years”

“I am so sad where’s the clothes? ?”

Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield Have Fans Shook After Spending Holiday Together

Kenya Moore took everyone by surprise this week after she and 1-year-old daughter Brooklyn Daly were both spotted hanging out with Moore’s former foe Sheree Whitfield.

It’s no secret the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars have had their issues in the past, but it seems they’ve put aside their differences. Whitfield took to Instagram on Thursday and posted a photo of herself, Moore and baby Brooklyn spending the day at her home, “Chateau Sheree.”

Happy Thanksgiving!” she wrote. ” Look who stopped by today. She needed some potato’s. #LovethyNeighbor @thekenyamoore.”

Fans were instantly elated to see the two “RHOA” co-stars in good graces with each other.

I’m here for it! Omggggg this is so sweet!!!! My two favs ?? happy thanksgiving ladies”

“Omggggg this is so sweet!!!! Awww love that yall cleared this up❤️. Brooklyn is adorable!”

“Now this is growth! Yassssss the best frenemies have reunited ?❤️ happy thanksgiving that’s what friends are for”

Others urged Whitfield to return back to the Bravo show after leaving during season 10.

“Please come back to House Wives Sheree. Your a breath of fresh air. God Bless!!??”

“They need to put you back on the show.”

Both Moore and Whitefield departed “RHOA” in 2017, but Moore decided to make her grand return for season 12. It’s unknown if Whitfield will come back to the show.

Whitfield isn’t the only “RHOA” cast mate Moore’s decided to bury the hatchet with. Over the summer, the 48-year-old mother and her daughter were spotted hanging out with Porsha Williams and her infant daughter Pilar Jhena’ McKinley while in Greece.

Moore and Williams got into a physical altercation in 2014 during the season 6 “RHOA” reunion special. Since having children, the ladies have built a friendship based on their recent experiences as new mothers. 

“Motherhood definitely gave us something in common that is a new experience for both of us,” Williams told US Weekly earlier this month. “Being a new mom is pretty much all I talk about. So when I’m around other new moms, it is my conversation. Things that I want to talk to other new moms about. And yeah, I think it’s just a natural thing to do, since we had our kids close together.”