Chileeeeeee..Nelly Claims He Accidentally Leaks Sex Tape Showing His Little Peda Weda On Instagram Live!!👁

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Nelly was trending online after a tape of him receiving fellatio was accidentally leaked online.

In the video, the camera is aimed at the woman. Nelly can be heard moaning. The short clip was posted to Instagram Stories before he quickly pulled it… but the internet already copied the video.

Nelly apologized.

“I sincerely apologize to the young lady and her family, this is unwanted publicity for her/them,” he said in a statement obtained by TMZ. “This was an old video that was private and never meant to go public.”

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Sorry Ms. Jackson..Oooo🔨🔨🔨

Word On The Curb.. Shantel Jackson can’t let that head go.

On Tuesday, December 14, Jackson made a virtual appearance on The Real, where she opened up about her very public relationship with her ex-boyfriend. During her time on the show, the entrepreneur revealed exactly why she and Nelly called it quits after seven years together, explaining to co-host Loni Love and guest co-host Julissa Bermudez why she considers it “a break.”

Ooh, Loni, you know what? My ex and I, we didn’t end on bad terms,” Shantel said before going on to explain further. “Seven years. We were together for seven years.”

After the comedian asked what led to their breakup, Jackson explained that distance along with conflicting schedules was a big issue.

OK, so when we started our relationship, I was always on the road with him. Traveling, out of the country, on concerts, all that good stuff. But then, when it came to a point where I was home more often building my company Shoe Gummi or just working on my brand, and him being on the road, me being on the road less with him, we started to grow apart,” she explained. “And it just became an issue with, ‘you know what? what are we doing? what are we gonna do?’ And, we just had to come to the realization of look, let’s take this time and see if this split is going to bring it back full circle for us and honestly, that’s what we’re doing.”

That’s when Bermudez asks if that explanation means this is more of a “break” than a break-up, with Shantel admitting the couple could get together again down the line.

Yeah, you can say that. A break, split, but I feel like it’s important that we take the time to just do it,” Jackson continued. “Me personally, I feel like it’s important for me, because if our relationship is gonna come back, it’s gonna come back. If this break is going to stop that, then it’s kind of inevitable, if that makes sense.”

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Word On The Curb..Nelly & Longtime Girlfriend Shantel Jackson Call It Quits–But He Claims They Actually Broken Up YEARS Ago?

The couple have been together since 2014, but according to Jackson, they are no longer a couple, calling the status of their relationship: “just friends.” The actress confirmed that they called it quits when a fan asked her on Instagram if she was still with Nelly, adding “I love seeing u guys together.”

Jackson took time to reply to the follower and set the record straight, writing, “No we’re not… just friends.”

While this came as a shock to a lot of fans, Shantel didn’t share any additional information on when or why they might have broken up–but her “friend” Nelly did.

When The Shade Room posted about the news of their split, they highlighted their 7-year relationship in the headline, which Nelly took issue with. He went straight to the comments to set the record straight.

“Well actually just 5years ended 2019,” he wrote in the comments section of the story. “Haven’t been together for the past 2…!!! ok now y’all know..!! #FACTS.”

Nelly Gets Into Heated Argument While Gambling At Casino

Nelly just couldn’t play poker in peace, as per new footage of the rapper’s recent visit to a casino.

On Wednesday (February 5), TMZ shared footage of the star, 45, going off on a pit boss at what is reportedly Mohegan Sun Casino on Saturday morning after getting into a dispute with another gambler. Sources told the outlet that Nelly confronted another gambler about not knowing the rules of the game and that’s when the insults started. After the pit boss got involved, the rapper claimed the other gambler told him to “get under my nuts,” but the boss seemingly sided with the former by saying he didn’t hear any alleged insult. The altercation deescalated and police weren’t needed, but Nelly made sure to get in one final jab, telling the casino-goer, “Get off my nuts.”

Nelly’s viral incident comes after he performed at the del Lago Resort & Casino in Seneca County, NY that evening. However, a spokesperson for Mohegan Sun could not confirm if the altercation happened at their casino, admitting that it “does not look” like their venue. Meanwhile, a rep for del Lago said that “[they] can confirm that the video was not shot at del Lago Resort & Casino.”


One of Nelly‘s fans tried shooting her shot and pulling him into her orbit — and she succeeded … ’cause she yanked him off stage, and then got a pass for doing it.

The rapper was performing Saturday night at the Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa Rancho Mirage just outside of Palm Springs, CA when he wandered near the front of the stage to touch his adoring fans’ hands … which backfired with a tumble into the front row.

TMZ got video of the incident, and you can see that Nelly gets tugged from the crowd. He topples into the barricades and then has words with the alleged culprit … a woman. It seems like he was pretty ticked at first — but quickly changed his attitude to merciful.

Once he got back onstage, he tells the lady … “You can’t pull me, shorty. I appreciate it — but I’m on the edge of the stage. If you pull me, I ain’t got nowhere to go!” Indeed.

Luckily for her, Nelly acknowledged the act seemed to be more out of love rather than malicious. He told security to leave her be, and carried on with the show.

Dilemma averted!!!


Nelly is putting a sexual assault case behind him by reaching an agreement with his accuser to settle the matter out of court.

A woman in England had filed a lawsuit, about a year ago, against Nelly for allegedly sexually assaulting her after a 2017 concert in Essex. The accuser, who filed as Jane Doe, had claimed the rapper forced her to perform oral sex during a meet-and-greet.

According to docs filed Tuesday in federal court, and obtained by TMZ, the accuser has informed the judge that she and Nelly recently settled their dispute.

Neither side is saying whether money changed hands … terms of the agreement are confidential.

Nelly’s girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, is also in the clear now. The accuser had included her in the lawsuit, claiming Shantel lied when she dismissed the accuser as a liar.

As TMZ first reported, Nelly had similarly reached a settlement last year with another woman who claimed he sexually assaulted her on his tour bus.

Bromance.. FLOYD MAYWEATHER CLAPS BACK AT 50 CENT … Over Gervonta Davis Diss

This might be the classiest clap back ever … Floyd Mayweather subtly responding to 50 Cent after the rapper said Floyd’s protege Gervonta Davis stole Mayweather’s chick.

Earlier this week, 50 posted a video on social media saying he got a tip about someone who “took champ’s bitch” — and then identified the lady stealer as Davis.

I don’t know what the f**k,” 50 said … “Nelly took one of the bitches, Ray J took one of the bitches, now Gervonta done took one of the bitches. He bought the bitch a Bentley, Maybach, motherf**king condo and all that s**t. Now Gervonta got the bitch? N***a probably want to put a suicide note, man.”

So, when we saw Floyd this week, we asked him about Gervonta — and Mayweather showered him with praise, essentially saying Davis is like family.

“He’s an unbelievable fighter and they can’t stop him,” Floyd said.

“He’s the best at what he do. I’m behind him. I look at him like a son, ya know? I’ve been working with him for years now. And, the only thing we’re gonna do is keep racking those victories and beating the best they got out there.”

Seem like a guy who thinks Gervonta stole his lady??? Not really …

Oh, and 50 has since deleted the video.