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Meagan Good Explains Her Altered Appearance After Skin Bleaching Accusations

When Meagan Good attended the movie after party for Black and Blue in late 2019, fans of the actress quickly questioned how visibly lighter her skin tone was from her usually radiant melanin glow. 

Nearly seven months later, the Think Like a Manstarlet is addressing the accusations that she has been bleaching her skin, after an unpleasant comment appeared on her Instagram post from Sunday (May 17).

“Megan looked better dark skin… She not so pretty anymore she looks average… But her dark skin was above average…. Why did she Bleach,” the commenter said

The 38-year-old actress was quick to respond and explain why her skin color has appeared lighter. 

“I didn’t Queen. A (unbeknownst to me) unlicensed aesthetician gave me a product to correct a sun damage mark on my forehead that messed up skin. By the grace of God only; I’m about 80% through recovery and regaining my color daily,” she said. “To be honest it was a beyond painful and traumatic experience because I would never wish that on anybody. I’d really appreaciate if you wouldn’t continue to spread assumptions and rumors. Godbless you.”

Letting out a deep breath and flashing a smile during the quick video, Meagan appeared to be relieved in the significant progress that her skin has made.

Meagan Good: ‘God Told Me Devon Franklin Was My Husband’

Meagan Good opened up about her marriage to Pastor Devon Franklin during a recent visit to the Tamron Hall Show – and says that God told her to be celibate and that Devon would be her husband way before the two started dating.

“It’s really interesting because we had met four years prior to working on ‘Jumping The Broom.’ He was the executive on ‘Jumping The Broom,’ I was the actress on the film. And I was in the tail end of a not so great relationship. We just weren’t right for each other. I really got a chance to get to know [Devon] on set. I thought, ‘Man, that’s the kind of guy I wish I could marry.’ And that was it. He’s the guy who gives you the job, that’s all I thought about it.”

She continued: “And then I got back from Nova Scotia filming, and I was like ‘Man Lord I’m at a really hard place. I’m at a standstill in my life. What am I supposed to be doing?’ The first thing that God told me was that it was time to get out of that relationship. The second thing that God told me was that it was time to celibate. And the third thing that God told me was that Devon was my husband.”

Meagan said that she began working on herself to secure her man.

Meagan Good Unveils New ‘Bleached’ Skin – Now Officially A Saltine Cracker!

Actress Meagan Good is going viral today, after she unveiled her new “bleached” face on The Real today.

Meagan has been considered one of the most beautiful women in the world – and part of her beauty, was her flawless brown skin.

Now her skin is no longer brown. 

Meagan has been looking a lot “lighter” recently. Some of her fans blame the apparent skin lightening on makeup. But others are speculating that the actress may have bleached her skin.

Skin bleaching is a controversial procedure done by many Black and Brown women across the globe. It is controversial because it poses long-term health risks, and because women who bleach their skin are often seen as suffering from “self hate.”

Here’s what Meagan looked like today on The Real.

And here are some of the comments about her look, from social media:

Wow, she looks terrible. You can tell that’s not her natural skin tone. It’s at the point where it’s awkward now as there’s nothing left to blame (lighting, make up, etc).

oh wow!!! she’s giving me Nigerian Bleach Auntie vibes..

She’s as light as Tisha Campbell

Noooo. what happened to my Meagan

Lighty Brighty Almost Whitey

Meagan Good’s Lighter Skin?

Meagan Good popped up at an advanced screening for Black & Blue, the cop flick starring Naomie Harris and Tyrese. Usually her appearances don’t merit too much fanfare and front page news but this is different. 

Meagan showed up looking somewhat different than she has in the past. Is it the thick eyebrows? Eh…it’s not that. It’s the fact that she is out here looking considerably lighter than she has in the past. 

This has caused the internet to speculate about what the hell is going on? Are we talking about lighting? It there a makeup fiasco going on? Is she doing something…uh…different?

You know that people have a weird infatuation with speculating about most things Meagan does and this is no different. 

That preacher tearing her down. She looks a mess..