Future Says ‘I’d Rather Hang with Jada’ When Suggested He and Will Hang

Word On The Curb..

Still reeling from the entanglement controversy of last summer, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett are in the headlines again, this time, via Future’s Instagram stories.

A recent episode of Facebook’s popular Red Table Talks hosted by Pinkett had actress Gwyneth Paltrow in a candid position where she and Pinkett discussed their sex lives. The host was quoted as saying, “it’s hard.” Conclusions were drawn, specifically having to do with whether her husband wasn’t ‘performing’ in the bedroom.

When popular influencer Justin LaBoy posted to Instagram, “Will needs to start hanging with Future,” the rapper didn’t talk long to respond, “I’d rather hang with Jada.”

Future’s comments come after Jada cleared the air in a recent tweet, saying the assumption that she and Smith have difficulties in the bedroom, is not true.

Smith is starring in the highly anticipated “King Richard,” a biopic about athletes Venus and Serena Williams’ father.

Come Thru…👏🏾Fertile Future To Throw Haiti Benefit Concert

Future has revealed he will be throwing a benefit concert to raise funds for Haiti.

The announcement comes days after Haitian rapper Zoey Dollaz called rappers out for doing nothing to help their country.

“All these f*ck ass rappers that’s always using Zoes this and zoes that in their raps, and I got Haitians in Miami this and that using us to sound cool, I don’t see a single post from none of u f*ck boys about Haiti, but y’all be ready to use our lingos and act like we yall hittas.”

Sh*t if u don’t wanna give money fine!!!!” he continued. “But bring us some awareness so others can put their heads together and help us.”

He added, “I’m really bout to see who’s with me fr or who’s not in this time of need to help my country out,” he wrote. 

“Really about to fall out with too many n*ggas I called friends that so have money to blow in the office and give, but won’t contribute to buying these ppl goods, and most of these n*ggas are so call ‘ZBs’ = Zoe boys if u know u didn’t contribute after DIS passes on pls FCK UR SELF.”

Chileeeeeee Petty Is As Petty Does ..Fertile Future & Baby Mama Brittni Profit Off Public Feud With PETTY “Pray For Him/Her” Merch

Word On The Curb.. . Fertile Future and the mother of his son, Brittni Mealy, are finally matching each other’s energy on something — they’re being extremely PETTY.

Earlier this week, the co-parents made headlines after Brittni put his alleged text messages and phone number on blast in rage. The 32-year-old business owner shared the texts to her IG story feed, claiming her son’s father messaged their son, “your mother is a h*e.” The allegations quickly went viral (Future’s MOM even got involved) and it turned into a meme-able incident after Future responded to being put on blast by tweeting “pray for her.” Nayvadius’ thirsty fans base had the hashtag #PrayForHer trending while praising the rapper for seemingly being a POS parent.

Wednesday night, Future’s Freebandz Shop IG account launched black “Pray for her” t-shirts. The shirts were running for $25 each and were already sold out by the end of the day.

Welp, Brittni’s response to the Future fans trivializing her co-parenting trauma is matching his top-notch PETTY. The entrepreneur launched her own line of “Pray For Him” tees, getting tons of positive support from folks online.

Not only did Britt take a jab at her baby daddy, but she’s since added “Lady Be Quiet” merch as a jab to his mother who butted into their business online, painting her as “bitter”.

We The People Vs Fertile Future…Chileeeeeee Future Allegedly Texted His Son That His Mother Is A ‘H*e’!!

We The People Say.. Takes one, to know one.

🗣Lets Talk About The Orderrrr.🔨🔨🔨

Brittni Mealy, the mother of Future’s 8-year-old son, says the rapper sent a text to their child allegedly calling her a “hoe.”

Prince sends a crying emoji to his father in the screenshot.

“Tell your mom,” writes Future.

“Tell my mom what” asks Prince before Future replies, “Buy u some clothes.” Prince then writes “Dad,” before Future writes, “Your mom is a hoe!”

After Brittni shared the screenshots, Future took to social media to accuse her of lying.

“Pray for her,” he wrote.

But Brittni is certain it was him.

“TF I GOT TO LIE FOR YOU SAID IT definitely your # and his SO STAND ON IT AND PIPE DOWN IF U DONT WANT THESE RECORDING POSTED!” she wrote on her Instagram Story.

On GAWD YOU SAID IT THEY NEED TO CANCEL YOU. Cruelty to children! Haven’t seen him in 3 months but in the same State I can Keep Going! Got a refund on his school Clothes today! Petty cause someone Don’t wanna be sexually active with you and just want to co parent!!” she continued.

I Told Ya’ll He Want Future ??????Michael B..B Stand For Bottom Jordan Was Spotted Driving Lori’s Car . . . And Blasting Future’s Music!!

Word At The Sissy Bar…Michael B.. B Stands For Bottom Jordan was spotted out driving around Los Angeles in Lori’s new Lamborghini. And strangely Michael was blasting music made by Lori’s ex Future.

The paparazzi had been following Michael and Lori as the couple drove around their neighborhood. Eventually the paparazzi managed to get close enough to Michael when he had his windows rolled down.

And surprisingly Michael was blasting music by Future. You can hear Future rapping about ‘F***ing” someone’s “b**ch” while wearing Gucci flip flops.

Future and Lori dated for about a year. After the two broke up, Future fired multiple shots against her in his music.

In Future’s newest track, Maybach, he rapped,  “Tell Steve Harvey I don’t want her/One thing I never seen was a b**ch to leave.”

It’s not clear whether Michael was playing the music because he liked the track . . or because he was trying to send some type of message to the paparazzo. We The People Are Gagging! ???


If you thought Future was done talking smack about Lori Harvey … well, you were wrong — ’cause the dude had even more bars for her, as well as her new man, Michael B. Jordan.

Rapper 42 Dugg previewed an extended version to his new single “Maybach” — which initially featured Mr. Hndrxx and a memorable bar aimed at Lori and her dad, Steve — but this time … it looks like Future had far more to say about his ex, whom he split from last year.

The OG line was a not-so-subtle dig at Lori/Steve — it goes … “Tell Steve Harvey, I don’t want her.” Nothing too bad on the face of things … although he was catching flak.

Welp, that backlash is only doubling now in light of what else he apparently had to say about the whole situation in the booth. The extended verse goes something like this … “Must’ve forgot to tell her daddy she begged me not to leave … She didn’t have a choice but to go f*** a lame after me // Realest n**** hit the t*** she damn near OD.”

Lots to unpack there — but the takeaway, really, is that Future clearly isn’t over Lori … at least that’s what the consensus on the Internet seems to be, anyway. After hearing that, it’s hard to argue against … Future does sound quite salty about the relationship, both old and new.

The diatribe against the Harvey’s seems to stem from an interview Steve gave back in February … when he was asked about Lori dating Michael — and Steve responding with something to the effect of … at least she’s with one I can actually approve of now.

It appears Future took that personally as a shot — but, frankly, it could’ve been about Diddy too. Who the hell knows??? In any case, Future got what he wanted off his chest, and threw Mike under the bus too.

The funny part about all this … MBJ is best buds (lately) with Future’s BFF, Drake. What fun!

Word On The Curb.. Future Out Here Being Petty.. ???


Lori and Micheal appear to be happy and in love, but in a new track, Future rips into Lori by saying he doesn’t want her.

Tell Steve Harvey I don’t want her,” he raps in the snippet with 42 Dugg.

Lori and Future dated for a while and seemed very happy together as well and it’s unclear why they split.

But apparently Lori is moving on to bigger and better things. She’s booed up with Micheal B. Jordan and starting a career as an entrepreneur. In a recent Vogue Beauty Secrets video, Lori announced that her new skincare line is on the way. She says her new love Michael has been helping her test the products.


Future’s Security CHOKES, SLAMS Instagram Thot

Word On The Curb…Future is in trouble after a member of his security team appears to choke slam a IG Thot

The incident occurred inside an Atlanta nightclub, where future was making a paid appearance. The pretty IG model got a little too close to the baby making rapper, and security member asked her to step back.

Eventually, Future’s security guard got more aggressive and pushed the young woman. When she resisted, all hell broke loose.

The security guard, who weighs more than 250 pounds grabbed the petite woman by the throat, choked and slammed her to the ground – TWICE. Meanwhile Future looking on appeared to be completely unfazed by the incident

It’s not clear whether she suffered any injuries or whether she’s interested in pressing criminal charges against Future or the security team member.

Fertile Future Claps Back At Baby Mama #8: Love Yourself More Hoe! ???

Eliza Reign is still battling with baby daddy Future over child support — and recently filed a request for access to his bank records.

Eliza then took to Instagram to post a message aimed at the father of her child:

“Truth is black people are conditioned so deeply to hate ourselves, especially black women that we don’t even realize it,” she wrote. “Y’all tell me ‘take the 1000 and move on’ ‘it don’t even take 1000 to raise a baby’ but when these white women hit the blogs asking for 9 million, here y’all go ‘AS SHE SHOULD.'”

Future has no trouble bringing the petty and appeared to tweet in response to her remarks:

Everyone had a option and a plan then have every excuse in the world when they fail. Love yourself more 2021,” he wrote “Leave me out the convo 2021 and see how far u can get. Love yourself. Same Sh*t y’all already knew last year. Same topic #BORING.”