DaBaby Responds To DaniLeigh, Alleges She Stalked His Child’s Mother

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DaBaby did not hold back in his response to DaniLeigh after she opened up about their “toxic” relationship for the first time since he called the cops on her during their viral argument.

Following the release of her interview with Angie Martinez on Tuesday, May 10, DaniLeigh also released her new song “Dead To Me,” in which she references her past relationship with DaBaby. It wasn’t long before the father of her first child spoke out with his opinion about the way she chose to address the situation. The rapper felt that DaniLeigh waited too long to speak out and accused her of stalking the mother of his eldest daughter, Meme.

First of all, I feel like you waited too late,” DaBaby said in a video posted to his Instagram Story. “I told you back in December you should capitalize off of the situation so, I feel like that’s a bad move. I also feel like it’s a green move for your label to have you drop the interview the same time you dropping the new song. I feel like y’all kinda showin’ y’all hand. I feel like y’all shoulda put that together better.” 

“And I also feel like you should tell folks the real reason why I put you out,” he added. “It’s ’cause you was stalkin’ my baby mama.”

DaBaby continued to tell his side of the story. He claimed that he’s the one who wanted to rid himself of the toxicity that oozed from their relationship. The rapper also explained why he felt that messing around with the “Lil Bebe” singer affected his relationship with his other children. 

“And that’s why I had to make the adjustments back in November,” DaBaby explained. “I’m grown, I’m an adult. I don’t gotta coexist with nobody who too toxic and who don’t serve me well, you know what I’m saying? So, I don’t owe the world no explanation for that but even when I coulda cleared my name, I took the high road. I don’t want shorty broken, I just didn’t want you around me no more. Just like today, just about to have another birthday party for my princess and you done got on here lying, playing just like before, you affecting my relationship with my other children ’cause you causing stuff over there. You need to just stay over there where you at.”

Chileeeeeee I Guess Yellow Bone Big Mad .. Danileigh Drops DaBaby Diss Track ‘Dead To Me’🤣😩👁🪓🪓🪓

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Yellow Bone dropped a diss track seemingly aimed at her baby daddy DaBaby.

“I ain’t got no more time for toxic energy/ Momma never liked your ass/Brother wanna fight your ass/Daddy hate your trifllin’ ass/My dog even wanna bite your ass,” she sings.

Danileigh dropped the track after her interview with Angie Martinez went viral.

It was wild,” DaniLeigh said of the night DaBaby called the police on her and had her arrested. “It was definitely wild. Very selfish being that I just had our baby. It was very selfish … he’s just like that though … I live life without regrets as well, but if there was something I could take back or handle differently I would say that. That shows accountability, like that’s maturity. Especially, take away everything else, it’s just like, we have a kid together.”

Gworl Heeeeeeeeee Dooooon’t Caaaaaare!🪓🪓🪓🤣

Chileeeee…DaBaby’s Baby Mama: Danileigh Was Sidechick – Used Lite Skin Magic To Steal Him From Me!!

Just when you thought that the drama between DaBaby and Danileigh couldn’t get crazier..

DaBaby’s other baby’s mother is speaking out about the incident, both publicly and privately. And she’s dropping bombs.

When DaBaby first met and started messing with Danileigh, he was in a full blown relationship with his baby’s mother MeMe.

DaBaby and MeMe were together before the fame, and she was well known to be his girlfriend.

So it is without question that – at least in the beginning of the relationship – Danileigh was the side chick.

MeMe went on IG Live yesterday explaining the heartbreak she felt when her soulmate was cheating on her, and eventually impregnated his famous side piece.

when DaBaby first met and started messing with Danileigh, he was in a full blown relationship with his baby’s mother MeMe.

DaBaby and MeMe were together before the fame, and she was well known to be his girlfriend.

So it is without question that – at least in the beginning of the relationship – Danileigh was the side chick.

MeMe went on IG Live yesterday explaining the heartbreak she felt when her soulmate was cheating on her, and eventually impregnated his famous side piece.

In the heartbreaking IG Live, MeMe explained how Danileigh would constantly text her and harass her about DaBaby. She told her fans publicly that Danileigh “got what she deserved.”

And privately MeMe is saying even more. MeMe believes that Danileigh used ‘Lite Skin Magic’ to steal DaBaby away from her.

She claims ..Da Baby was hypnotized by being with a lite skin, she used her lite skin magic to steal that N***a.”

The friend added, “Looks like her magic ran out, and [Da Baby] realized that he left a real one for a basic b***h.”

Wow, what do you think? Is there such a thing as “lite skinned magic” and is that why DaBaby strayed??

Chileeeee…Danileigh ATTACKS DaBaby In Front Of Her New Born Cause He Still Don’t Want Her 🪓🪓🪓

DaBaby and his baby’s mother Danileigh got into an argument that turned violent last night, According to the rapper, his baby mama “attacked” him both physically and verbally in front of their child.

And DaBaby was forced to call the police on his biracial singer baby mama – for his own safety,

It all popped off in the DaBaby’s condo, in front of their 3 month old baby.

According to reports, it all went left when Danileigh began accusing DaBaby of having relations with another female rapper – one whom Danileigh considers an enemy.

When the argument began, DaBaby asked Danileigh to leave his home, and that’s when she allegedly turned violent.

DaBaby’s camp claims that their disagreement turned violent, after Dani called her rapper baby daddy a “b**ch” and a “f**k n**ga.” Luckily DaBaby, recognizing that his biracial beauty was about to get violent, he pulled out his phone and went Live – in order to make sure that no one believed he participated in any violence.

The video shows a very angry Danileigh cursing at Dababy while holding their child. Eventually the rapper called the police and told them that Dani attacked him.

Married Whoraaaa Says DaBaby Slid Into Her DMs After Doing Business w/ Her Husband!!

Word On The Curb..A woman has claimed rapper DaBaby slid into her DMs after doing business with her husband.

PSA announcement (I DON’T PLAY ABOUT MY MARRIAGE)!! The ultimate disrespect for me is to have someone who steps in your dm who 1) Not only knows your married , 2) was in the midst of doing business with my husband, 3) I ain’t nobody’s BIHHH and 4) disrespect my husband and my marriage!!! Some ppl would say you should just ignore it but NAH this is the ultimate disrespect that I can’t look past my profile clearly says MRSLATRUTH and my husband is LATRUTH the person your team has spoken too plenty of times,” she wrote before sharing several screenshots.

He went behind my husband back and sent a woman to do his dirty work and hoping that it wouldn’t get back to my husband and thought I would keep it on the hush hush because of who you are!! Nah I’m NOT one of themmmmm. Those females you use to dealing with who would jump out of a moving car just to fk with you ! I’m SOLID and can’t be impressed by any man but my husband,” she continued.

In the comments, people accused the woman of overreacting and of clout chasing.

DABABY MEETS WITH 9 HIV AWARENESS ORGS Apologizes for Homophobic Comments

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DaBaby‘s answered the call of a number of HIV organizations for him to become educated on HIV following his homophobic comments … so he did, and then delivered an apology.

According to the U.S. HIV awareness orgs … DaBaby met with 9 groups to discuss HIV and share personal stories of folks who are living with the virus. The orgs had sent him a letter earlier this month “to call him in instead of calling him out” and have a thoughtful conversation about his recent comments at the Rolling Loud festival.

DaBaby made gross, homophobic remarks on stage about gay people and people living with HIV, and his subsequent attempts at saying sorry seemed half-hearted and misguided at best.

According to the orgs … he was much different in the meeting — “genuinely engaged” they say. The rapper apologized for what he called his inaccurate and hurtful comments about HIV and the impact it had on black and LGBTQ+ communities.

Marnina Miller of the Southern AIDS Coalition says DaBaby’s willingness to attend the meeting and learn and grow from his experience could set a positive example.

Other orgs at the meeting included the Black AIDS Institute, GLAAD, Positive Women’s Network and Transinclusive Group.

In the wake of his Rolling Loud controversy, DaBaby had several performances canceled — including headlining Lollapalooza — but he did make a surprise appearance at Kanye West‘s latest “Donda” listening party … which sparked more outrage.

So, whether it’s damage control or something more, the community leaders who met with DaBaby are hopeful he’s learned something.

Come Thru Nick..Well.. Kinda Sorta..🔨🔨🔨Nick Cannon Defends DaBaby: That Man Just Lost His Pops & His Brother

Nick Cannon has spoken out in defense of rapper DaBaby who faced backlash for homophobic remarks he made at a music festival.

First of all, I think not only in the Black community — and I’ve experienced it — but definitely just men a lot of times, we have that ego,” said Cannon.

We believe apologizing is weakness when it actually, takes great strength to step up to anyone and say, ‘I was wrong.’ I know Baby. And that’s a strong brother…. That man just lost his pops, his brother, all the things that he… and still to have that big smile that he has every day, knowing everything,” he continued.

To say ‘I’m sorry,’ that’s a self-proclamation. To apologize is an action,” Cannon added. “Let’s use this as an opportunity for education. Because that’s what happened in my scenario.”

Sorry for what Nick?? 🗣Have A Good Day!🔨🔨🔨

Chileeeeeee…..11 LGBT Organizations Invite DaBaby To Sitdown w/ Them And Heeeeeee Doooooon’t Caaaaaare🔨🔨🔨

Eleven LGBT organizations have penned an open letter, inviting rapper DaBaby to sit down with them.

We, the undersigned, represent organizations leading the fight to prevent HIV and provide care and treatment for people living with HIV, especially Black LGBTQ people across the Southern United States,” the open letter reads.

We heard your inaccurate and harmful comments at Rolling Loud and have read your Instagram apology. However, at a time when HIV continues to disproportionately impact Black Americans and queer and transgender people of color, a dialogue is critical. We must address the miseducation about HIV, expressed in your comments, and the impact it has on various communities.”

DaBaby has not responded to the invitation.