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Cardi Flea Caught On Video . . . OFFERING Fellow Celebrities COKIANNA At The Met Gala!!!👁

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Cardi Flea was not only in attendance at one of the Met Gala’s after parties – she was the host. And she can be seen on video publicly encouraging her rich and famous partygoers at the Standard Hotel in New York City, to do the potentially harmful substance.

In the video that is now going viral, Cardi took the mic and yelled out some words of encouragement to those at her party, Media Take Out confirmed.

She said “make sure you get your drinks. And make sure you get your . . . “

Then Cardi put her finger up to her nose and starting sniffing, suggesting the white substance. It’s not clear if Cardi or her people were supplying partygoers with the substance, or whether the substance was just available. It’s also possible that Cardi was just joking, but many regard the comment as outrageous even for Cardi B.

The video is going viral, and people are disturbed with what she said especially since pop singer Billie Eilish, who just turned 20, was in attendance.

Lock Her Up!🪓🪓🪓Woody Wood Pecker Faces Jail Time After Refusing To Remove Cardi Flea Videos From YouTube👁

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Cardi Flea may get the ultimate revenge against her arch nemesis, blogger Tasha K. Tasha may find herself in prison over it all.

Last month, Cardi B had a massive W in her legal battle against vlogger Tasha K, The court found that Tasha made defamatory videos about the rapper. 

But Cardi’s attorneys are still working tirelessly to get the videos in question scrubbed from the Internet, even after a judge ordered Tasha K to do so.

Journalist Dennis Byron shared an update on the case, revealing that Tasha K defied the court order to remove the videos about Cardi B on her page. Byron said Cardi’s legal team is now looking into filing a new response to court that could potentially lead to potential prison time for the vlogger. “Breaking! The Blogger Lady aka #TashaK defies Federal Court Order by failing to remove defamatory statements about @iamcardib #CardiB Legal teams mounts a response. She is facing possible prison time and financial sanctions. This is a developing story,” he tweeted.

🗣She Can’t Take It Anymoooore! 🪓🪓🪓Chileeeeeee Cardi B: “Maybe I Should Delete All My Social Media’s Or Just Die”

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Cardi Flea is threatening her fans with deleting her social media accounts, or maybe worse.. She claims she’s ready to die.

Cardi had a public meltdown last night on Twitter, and it all started when Cardi released the every first public picture of her adorable son with husband Offset.

Cardi’s fans have been begging her for months to release a pic of the baby – and yesterday Cardi finally released a pic of the boy’s eyelashes.

Unfortunately some fans began making negative comments after Cardi released the pic, and that threw Cardi into a rage.

Mrs. Flea wrote, “How people mad cause people was asking me to see my son and I replied ? It seems like I can’t do or say nothing these days wit out people getting irritated.Maybe i should delete my social medias or just die cause Wtff.”

She continued, “If I post is cause I want attention ,If I speak my mind is cause I want attention, if I post a pic I want attention ,I’d I talk about my kids which I’m wit everyday is cause I want attention…Like wtfff.”

Chileeeee..🗣GagOrder! 🪓🪓🪓Woody Wood Pecker Just Refuses To Shut Her Beak..😩👁

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Cardi Flea Begs Judge To Muzzle Woody, While She Refuses To Pay The Lady..🪓🪓🪓

Cardi B‘s legal victory over a blogger who defamed her isn’t stopping the woman from trashing Cardi … so now, the rapper wants a judge to gag her forever.

Cardi filed docs Thursday night in federal court, demanding a permanent injunction against Woody who Cardi defeated in a defamation trial back in January. The jury awarded Cardi about $4 million … but in the docs she says that’s done nothing to stop Tasha from spreading the very lies that landed her in court.

Woody claimed Cardi committed adultery, has STIs and was a prostitute.

According to the docs, Woody bragged back in August … “Even if they did sue, bitch I ain’t got but a dollar to my name bitch, what are you going to get? And there’s always bankruptcy bitch.” Woody even said, “I’m going to pull a 50 Cent on that bitch” … referring to Fiddy’s bankruptcy filing back in 2015.

Cardi also accuses Woody of fraudulently moving assets to make it more difficult to collect the millions — a move she’s allegedly boasted about on her YouTube vlog, saying “Let me tell you how this was a blessing though. Cause can’t nobody else sue me, and even if they do, I ain’t got no money. We’ve got estate lawyers, we’ve got every mother f***ing thing. I ain’t got s*** in my name bitch.”

In fact, Woody even testified during the trial she wouldn’t stop repeating defamatory lies unless the court forces her to do so.

And that’s exactly what Cardi’s asking for now — an injunction to stop Woody from saying any defamatory statements now, and in the future, and to force her to delete all past videos or posts containing those lies.

Woody Woodpecker Say… She Ain’t Got It!🪓🪓🪓😩😭👁

Word On The Curb..Cardi Say She Coming For Ya Tree House Woody! 🪓🪓🪓

During a recent conversation with Kendall Kyndall and Kendra G of ALLBLK’S Social Society, the Youtuber was asked about paying the “Bodak Yellow” rapper the $3.8 million she was ordered to pay after losing to her in the defamation lawsuit.

Kendra G asked, “Do you even have that amount of money to pay in this lawsuit? Is Tasha K worth that amount of money to pay that.”

That’s when Tasha K replied, “I ain’t got it. Listen I ain’t got it. I ain’t got it. Don’t ask me for no money. I ain’t got it.”

She continued, “But listen we have business things in place that takes care of things like this. But of course, the appellate court and the supreme court is in process right now.”

Tasha previously stated she would be appealing the court’s decision after losing the lawsuit.

When the host attempted on to confirm that the Youtuber won’t be paying, Tasha K responded, “Who trying to pay $4 million?” going on to say that her checks from Youtube are “good, but I got two chirren.”

While she didn’t name names, Cardi hinted at Tasha’s comments in a tweet on Monday, writing, “Think is a game but trust imma come for everything …..BBHMM.”


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Cardi Flea is shinning light on the death of Lauren Smith-Fields helped spur a criminal investigation in Connecticut … so says the girl’s family, who is applauding the singer.

Smith-Fields’ family attorney Darnell Crosland tells TMZ … Cardi was instrumental in getting Lauren’s tragic death to become a criminal case, because police launched their investigation only after Cardi spoke out.

As you know … 23-year-old Lauren died while on a date, back in December, with a man she met on a dating app. The medical examiner announced Monday Lauren died from an accidental drug overdose, which the family questioned … and as public pressure continued to mount, police finally said Tuesday they were opening a criminal probe.

The family’s attorney says Cardi B’s Sunday night tweet about Lauren’s death brought a lot of extra attention and made a big impact … because there’s been a ton of progress ever since.

Cardi’s got an open invitation to check in with the family, in Connecticut or virtually, for an update on the investigation’s progress … and we’re told Lauren’s fam is overjoyed CB used her platform to speak out on behalf of their loved one.


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Cardi B claimed a blogger made up harmful lies about her on the internet is ringing true with the jury … which just sided with her in federal court.

The rapper won her libel case against Tasha K, who she sued for posting videos where she alleged, among other things, CB was a prostitute who dabbled in drugs and had contracted STIs.

After a week-plus long trial, Tasha was found liable on 3 separate claims, and ordered to pay Cardi $1.25 million in general damages and $250k for medical expenses.

Cardi called BS on Tasha, suing her back in 2019 when the blogger refused to take down the damaging posts.

CB even went on the witness stand during the trial and testified she was suicidal during this period as a direct result of Tasha’s stories.

Looks like she made an impact with jurors — she and her attorneys, Lisa MooreSarah Matzand William Pequignot scored a big W, and can close the book on this mess, for now.

The judge said any potential punitive damages Tasha might owe Cardi will be determined in a future hearing.

Tasha K tweeted about the verdict, saying “My Husband, Attorney’s, & I fought really hard. I want to thank them for their long hours and sleepless nights. Winos it’s only up from here. See y’all in a few days. Back to work.”