T.I. Is Now Being Destroyed After His Daughter, Deyjah Harris, Is Offered $1 Million To Lose Virginity

T.I. went too far by talking about his daughter’s virginity to the entire planet because now the poor teen is being associated with the Canadian website PornHub.

For the past few days, rumors have been flying around, claiming that Deyjah Harris has been offered $1,000,000 to lose her virginity in a video that would be posted on the site.

Tiny Harris’ husband is being dragged for his foolish remarks that are now embarrassing his daughter.

One person slammed the rapper: “Well look what you have done did TI got her up for the highest bidder smh.”

Another commenter told him to stop talking about Deyjah because she does not deserve this humiliation: “This is why you don’t publicly discuss your daughter’s hymen Poor girl. This is humiliating, smh.”

T.I. was photographed traveling to Mexico accompanied by his spouse, Tiny, and some of their closest friends. The group celebrated the birthdays of singer Monica and Toya Wright. 

The reality TV stars shared some videos and photos of their vacation on social media, where T.I. can be spotted celebrating along. 

The famous performer’s reputation has been severely damaged recently, and he is facing significant backlash after he talked about his controversial parenting style, so this trip to Mexico may be the perfect getaway for him right now.

The scandal surrounding the musician started recently when he participated in an episode of the podcast “Ladies Like Us.” 

During his interview, he was asked how he deals with his daughter, Deyjah, when it comes to discussing sexual matters.

The rapper shocked the public by saying that he accompanies Deyjah every year to her gynecological check-ups and that her hymen was regularly tested if still intact.

The overly-concerned father ensured he was also reviewing his daughter’s test results by making her sign a medical release to give him that right. 

Following the controversial statements, a lot of people shared their negative opinions of T.I.’s actions as a father and deemed him as controlling, and many expressed their support for Deyjah.

Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham, who interviewed T.I. During the controversial podcast, apologized publicly and said that their reaction at the time should have been different.

Beside their apology, the hosts took down the episode. So far, T.I has not made any comment on the controversial matter.

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