Summer Sleep Walker Shares A Message For Whoraaaas Talking About Her Daughter On Instagram

Chileeeeeee… Summer Sleep Walker previously made headlines and was trending on Twitter because folks became concerned about her daughter with London On Da Track. Commenters were worried about their daughter’s weight due to Summer feeding her hemp and honey. The R&B singer had time today and had a message for the folks who were in her business!

Summer went to her Instagram and shared several videos on her story. She admitted that she is familiar with being on blogs but had issues with people in the comments. “You can talk about my hair. You can talk about my nails and whatever else these on blogs. I’m always on blogs, but everyone knows you don’t talk about nobody’s kid.”

She continued, “Please don’t have me end up likeSukihana with my mugshot posted cause I done tried to whoop whoever a*s.”

If you recall, we reported on July 2nd that Suki was arrested in Florida for battery after getting into an altercation with someone seemingly over her kids. As Summer continued to speak on folks talking about her child, she said that she always has her daughter and that she does not like leaving her and tries to take her everywhere. She explained that she wanted to bring her to Los Angeles for the BET Awards but didn’t because her nanny suggested against it due to COVID-19.

As Summer continued shutting down rumors, she was firm that she wasn’t depressed and wasn’t dealing with postpartum depression. What was interesting was she said she was depressed when she was in a relationship with London.

Chile, Summer let one more thing off her chest and called out London for being an Instagram dad. In a separate post, she called him out for allegedly only seeing their daughter on the weekend with his mom, bringing her gifts, and taking pictures with her.

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