Stripper Bowl 2020 Leaves Dancers Broke & Stranded in Miami! (Cardi B Explains)

The Stripper Bowl is an annual event thrown by Cardi B and Migos’ management Quality Control – where $1,000,000 is thrown to dancers. But this year, the event was an utter disaster.

And many dancers are claiming that they were left “broke” and “stranded” after the chaos of the event.

The event took place on Monday night – one day after the Super Bowl in Miami and the event was sponsored by Quality Control’s CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas and NFLer Edgerrin James.

During the Stripper Bowl, the club throws out $1,000,000 in cash – which is for the dancers. And that’s on top of the money that they make from the clientele. So dancers come from all over the country, to take part in this event.

But this year, things went left. First off, the club promoters allegedly charged the dancers money, just so that they can dance at the event. Here’s how one dancer explained the fees they were charged:

The event started off fine – but when the money was dropped from the ceiling, things quickly got out of control:

Also – the club appeared to have allowed too many dancers into the event – close to 1,000. So there wasn’t enough money to go around.

Here’s Cardi B explaining why she didn’t feel the need to tip the dancers at the event:

Then chaos broke out. One woman was accused of allegedly trying to walk off with a bag of money that she didn’t earn:

It turns out that some of the men, decided to steal the strippers money too. Here’s video of a man, who admitted to stealing the money that was thrown to the dancers:

After the night was over, a few dancers tried to stage a protest at the nightclub. But security quickly shut it down, and physically threw the dancers off the premises:

Other dancers were upset, claiming that they made far less money than they would have on other nights:

And there are reports that many of the dancers did not even make enough money to buy a plane ticket home, so some are currently stuck in Miami.

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