Still Hasn’t Healed..Let Me At Her??DMX: ‘My Mom Beat Two Teeth Out Of My Mouth With A BROOM!!’

DMX sat down for an interview where he revealed that when he was a child, his mother beat two of his teeth out of his mouth with a broom.

DMX said that despite his abuse, he loves his mother:

“That doesn’t mean I don’t love her. That doesn’t mean she’s the same person. Children don’t come with a f*cking instruction manual. She was 20 when she had me,” he told GQ magazine.

Four sisters; I’m the only boy. Maybe she didn’t know what to do with me. I found out I just knew things that she didn’t know when I was only six years old. I would get up at night sometimes to drink water because I was so hungry. And I saw something in her notebook that was open on the kitchen table. And it was wrong, so I erased it. I thought I was helping. I don’t know what she thought I was doing, but I don’t know if she thought I was trying to sabotage her or whatever,” the Def Jam rapper continued.

I don’t know what she thought. But she beat two teeth out of my f*cking mouth with a broom. And I think about this today, I’m like, ‘Okay, you saw me erase something in your notebook. What did you think I was trying to do? What could you have possibly thought I was trying to do?'”

DMX is looking really happy and healthy since his release from prison.

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