Steve Harvey Gets Fans Riled Up After Revealing Need to ‘Shed Dead Weight’

Despite his comedic roots, Steve Harvey has a serious life lesson he’s sharing with his fans. And it means some people may need to cut ties with those they were once familiar with in order to progress.

The “Family Feud” host shared the message on his online segment “Motivated,” which was posted on his social media platforms between Sunday and Monday.

“If you want a tree to really grow up and really be a beautiful tree, you gotta prune it,” he explains in an analogy. “You gotta prune every now and then. … If you growing corn, you got to hoe the row to get the weeds out. If you don’t, they gon’ stifle growth of your product.”

As he gave another analogy concerning a rocket and boosters, Harvey had his audience recall that they remain on the ground “because in order for it to get all the way up to where it was going, it has to shed that dead weight.”

“Do you know that’s what’s happening to a lot of people?” he continues. “You can’t get where God trying to take you ’cause you trying to take everybody else with you. Everybody come with you can’t go with you, I’m sorry. If God had wanted them in orbit with you, he’d have put their rocket ship in orbit. You can’t chain people to your rocket ship and take ’em into orbit … You gotta cut the cord with some of these people. They holding you down.”

The message resonated with Harvey’s followers. They readily shared their own experiences with letting go of dead weight on Twitter.

“This is so true GOD IS SEPARATING THE WHEAT FROM THE TARES. Everybody can’t go, u try to include them.. u will be DETOURED.. THATS HOW GOD WORKS.”

“You are so right. It’s time to clean house and drop those who can’t go with you.”

“True and I agree. They leaving slowly. I feel abandon sometimes but I know it is for a greater calls because I’m in love with Jesus and he is trying to take me to the next level. Amen.”

“This is why I love you @IAmSteveHarvey. I just told a friend of mine the same thing the other day. Speak the truth ??❤”

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