Stacey.. Gworl.. 🗣We Kneeeeeewed It! 🔨🔨🔨😩🤣Stacy Dash Admits: ‘I’m A DRUG ADDICT . .. Addicted To PILLS’!!

Controversial 1990s actress Stacey Dash has admitted to being a drug addict, and her drug of choice is prescription pills,

The actress has revealed a dark past where she would secretly pill-pop drugs and was subjected to physical abuse that once left her with a broken arm — in a new interview with Dr. Oz.

“I was taking 18-20 pills a day,” Dash, now 54, said in the interview that aired Thursday.

Oz acknowledged, “18-20 Vicodin a day, that’s expensive,” which sparked a tearful Dash to reply: “Yeah, I lost everything.”

Hydrocodone (Vicodin) is an opioid prescription painkiller commonly prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain. For those weighing over 100 pounds, the max dosage recommended by doctors is no more than two 2.5- or 5-milligram tablets every four to six hours.

Stacey described the addiction as her “deepest, darkest secret” in a Facebook post and told Oz she would spend “about five to ten grand” a month on the pills.

The Clueless actress also shared with Dr Oz that she was in a relationship with a past abusive boyfriend, whom she said once left her with a broken arm in her early twenties.

“He would beat me so bad, I couldn’t get out of bed for two weeks. I couldn’t walk —[he broke] my arm, tied me to the bed for three days,” she said. “Some part of me thought that’s what I deserved.”

The troubled actress, who later became a extreme right wing anti-Black conservative pundit, attributes her belief in God for helping her to remain sober but admitted she has to “sometimes” fight to keep her faith.

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