Southside Shows Off All 6 Of His Babies..

Super producer and Caresha’s baby daddySouthside must have gotten the memo that fans were going ga-ga over how ADORABLE their babySummer Miami is because he flooded IG with even MORE of his precious kiddies.

Just a day ago, Southside, 30, posted up this clip of Summer on his arms. The precious baby girl looks like a doll, even while she has the hiccups. Its the CUTEST case of the hiccups ever! Fans flooded the comment section over how precious the baby girl is. You can tell her daddy is proud of her and all of his children by his response…

Keep worrying about ur homeboys and what IG THINK IMA MAN I ONLY CARE WHAT THEESE 6 think this my whole life in one picture I love u all to infinity

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