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Word On The Curb.. Shantel Jackson can’t let that head go.

On Tuesday, December 14, Jackson made a virtual appearance on The Real, where she opened up about her very public relationship with her ex-boyfriend. During her time on the show, the entrepreneur revealed exactly why she and Nelly called it quits after seven years together, explaining to co-host Loni Love and guest co-host Julissa Bermudez why she considers it “a break.”

Ooh, Loni, you know what? My ex and I, we didn’t end on bad terms,” Shantel said before going on to explain further. “Seven years. We were together for seven years.”

After the comedian asked what led to their breakup, Jackson explained that distance along with conflicting schedules was a big issue.

OK, so when we started our relationship, I was always on the road with him. Traveling, out of the country, on concerts, all that good stuff. But then, when it came to a point where I was home more often building my company Shoe Gummi or just working on my brand, and him being on the road, me being on the road less with him, we started to grow apart,” she explained. “And it just became an issue with, ‘you know what? what are we doing? what are we gonna do?’ And, we just had to come to the realization of look, let’s take this time and see if this split is going to bring it back full circle for us and honestly, that’s what we’re doing.”

That’s when Bermudez asks if that explanation means this is more of a “break” than a break-up, with Shantel admitting the couple could get together again down the line.

Yeah, you can say that. A break, split, but I feel like it’s important that we take the time to just do it,” Jackson continued. “Me personally, I feel like it’s important for me, because if our relationship is gonna come back, it’s gonna come back. If this break is going to stop that, then it’s kind of inevitable, if that makes sense.”

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