Somebody..Anybody..Please Beat This Bit&h To Death.. Bhad Babie Is Threatening Skai Jackson; Black Internet Rides Out In Skai’s Defense

Bhad Bhabie is one of the culture vulture-iest “celebrities” in the entire game. She is a teenager with not much discernible skill and is a visitor in Black culture. We already know that. She, though, does not get the memo that she needs to treat her presence here with tender care. 

So when she goes on a rant about Black people, namely one we love like Skai Jackson, like this

She gets BLASTED for it. Not only by us, but by Skai’s momma, too.

Skai, to her credit, is unbothered.

Maybe that’s because she doesn’t care or know who Bhad Bhabie is. Or maybe she knows we are going to ride out for her, dragging Bhad Bhabie to Mediocre, Talentless Tow.

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