Solange Tries To Shut Down Rumors That She Cheated On Her Husband With A Saltine Cracker..

The Internet is a wild, wild place, and a certain singer is shutting down one of its latest salacious rumors.

After announcing that she and her husband Alan Ferguson split after 5 years of marriage, Solange was hit with rumors that she was cheating.

The rumors swirled in part because of a video that surfaced of her canoodling with a man that allegedly appeared to be musician, Gio Escobar. Mind you Solange said in a statement that she and her husband split four months ago

For some reason, however, a theory emerged that Solange had actually been cheating with her co-manager, John Bogard. Internet outrage then ensued in part because Bogard is white and Solange is well known for her pro-black stance.
Solange took to Twitter to shut the rumors down herself.

In a series of deleted tweets she wrote

Yo John Boggard is my former co-manager y’all gotta chill. Im not about to be silenced into letting complete lies narrate my life. To take my words “my body left me with no choice but to listen and be still” after speaking about my health journey…which has already been painful enough and turn into an interpretation of unfaithfulness is just…wow.”

“Yo [thank you] @onvaction for bein[g] the best co-manager for 5 years. Sorry the internetsss are so unkind n b lying.”
She concluded, “Go back to enjoying ya vacation.”

A source close to Solange also debunked the rumor and told Baller Alert that rumors about Solo cheating are simply untrue.

There was never any cheating. Her and Alan separated earlier this year,” the source told Baller Alert. “Solange and John Bogaard worked together for many years, with him as her co-manager. There was never anything between these two individuals outside of a working relationship.”

We’re not really sure where that John Bogard rumor came from, but we wish Solo all the best as she moves on from her marriage.

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