Snoop Dogg Finds Offset’s “Little Brother” Working At Pizza Joint.. Looking Just Like Kulture??

Offset has a clone walking around.

Is there anybody more consistently funny than Snoop Dogg on Instagram? Uncle Snoop has mastered the art of the meme, sharing several of his favorites on a daily basis and inciting laughter among his massive fanbase. Perhaps 50 Cent would be some people’s pick for the top rapper on social media but we consider them both essential to the culture. While Fif will troll the living hell out of his enemies online, Snoop uses Instagram to get everyone slapping at their knees. Today was no different when he came through with a photo of Offset’s “little brother” working at a pizza shop.

Somebody needs to tell the Migos that they may have left their long lost family member at Little Ceasar’s because, oh boy, this man looks a whole lot like Offset. He’s even dressed the part… Uploading a picture of a man behind the counter at the pizza joint, Snoop Dogg made sure everybody took notice of the similarities, even giving homeboy his very own rap name. “Damn, Offset little brother Reset working at Little Ceasars,” wrote the West Coast legend with a bunch of laughing emojis. 

The dude is rocking a shower of iced out chains, completing the ensemble with round glasses and a flashy belt. Do you think this guy looks like Offset or is Snoop reaching?

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