Snoop Dogg enjoyed some very special flowers for his birthday — a customized bouquet enhanced with 4 dozen joints!!! Take that, baby’s breath.

Snoop celebrated his 48th bday Sunday, and the folks who know him best surprised him with one of the things he loves most on this Earth … WEED!!!

Check out this ganja gift … it’s a flower arrangement with 48 pre-rolled joints filled with the stickiest of the icky … one for each of Snoop’s trips around the sun.

Snoop’s present is the creation of the cannabis floral designer and artist, Leslie K Monroy … and she tells us folks at Snoop’s weed company, Merry Jane, saw some of her work at Flowers on Flowers and just had to get something dank for the Doggfather.

We’re told half the joints are filled with Indica and the other half with Sativa … and the bouquet also includes 4 small weed clones and 8 tall clones, in addition to the normal plants. We know what you’re thinking: Next Mother’s Day is gonna be lit!

No word what kinda birthday cake Snoop had, but we guarantee it tasted really good!!!

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