SMFH: Black Virginia Mom Gives Birth In Bathtub After Hospital Turns Her Away

It’s already hard enough being first time parents, so imagine the frustration that Leo and LeeAnn Bienaime when they were sent home after trying to get admitted to a hospital. Shortly after being dismissed by Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, LeeAnn gave birth to her baby girl at home in the bathtub. The Virginia couple had gone to the hospital on Aug 23 after LeeAnn said that she was suffering through “intense” and consistent contractions. She told ABC News:

I was certain that we were just going to be admitted … In all of our classes and appointments, they told us that when you’re having contractions five minutes apart for a minute long, for one hour, you should come in to the hospital. And we had been timing them.

I don’t know what that means because I’m a first-time mom. How do I know if it’s 5 centimeters? In hindsight I would have stood my ground and not left.”

Once they arrived home, LeeAnn began feeling more pain and anxiety. Leo called 911 and proceeded to assist his wife. After one big push, baby Joachim “slid right out”. The happy new dad told reporters, “I caught him and flipped. I wrapped him in a towel and handed him to her.” Fortunately, the beautiful family is doing well and holds no hard feelings against the hospital. At least they know better for next time.

The hospital has yet to comment on the incident.

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