Slow Miami From Sewer Rats Is FIGHTING w/ Diddy’s SunYungHoe Babys Mama . . 🪓🪓🪓👁

Word On The Curb..

Diddy has a new baby on the way, with his longtime concubine SimYungHoe Gina Huynh – and his current Slore Careesha “Slow Miami” is in her feelings about it!

Gina has been posting pictures of herself all over social media, showing her and Diddy kissing. She also announced on Instagram over the weekend that she’s expecting the billionaire’s baby.

Diddy has been in a fuckship with Careesha from the City Girls for the past year. And Now Careesha is telling folks that Diddy spends at least $100,000 on her – EVERY MONTH!!

Careesha isn’t trying to lose her sugar daddy however and has had enough of Gina flaunting her pregnancy online – so Yung Miami fired a few shots at her on Twitter. Look:

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