Slap His Azz Guwap..Brrrrr

Gucci Mane had some harsh words for DJ Envy, as the rapper repeatedly called him a “pussy” and threatened to slap him during an interview with Charlamagne Tha God.

The pair discussed the controversial ban of Gucci at The Breakfast Club, but Gucci said he is gunning for Envy after comments he made during a section of the Breakfast Club Court.

“It came from that punk-ass b*tch,” Gucci said of Angela Yee. “And DJ Envy — he’s a p*ssy, too. Envy’s p*ssy, man.”

The day he did the people’s court thing — he was there. Him and the girl or whatever,” Gucci told Charlamagne. “So he ain’t have the nuts to come after he did that. I was going to confront him too. I was going to say ‘Hey man, you got something to say to me?’ I just wanted to see what he was going to say.”

Gucci continued: “I’ ma confront him about what he and Angela did, and if he come at me wrong, I’ ma slap the sh*t out of him … It ain’t gonna be his first time getting slapped.”

DJ Envy caught wind of the interview and hopped onto Instagram to share his side of the story:

“Me and My Dog..???… Welllllll… @cthagod gave me a heads up when this interview was done and I told him play it.. This isn’t the 1st time I’ve been threatened by an artist and probably won’t be the last time… I never been slapped, or snuffed or jumped before so not sure where that came from… but funny by all means… @laflare1017 was never banned from the @breakfastclubam,” he stated.

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