Shouldn’t Have Married The Bitch In The First Place.. MICHAEL STRAHAN WANTS EX TO GO HALVSIES … For Parenting Helper

Michael Strahan and his ex-wife hired someone to help them work through their conflicts so they can parent better together … but now they’re squabbling about that.

According to legal docs — obtained by TMZ — the NFL Hall of Famer and talk show host reached an agreement with his ex, Jean Muggli Strahan, in February to use a parenting coordinator … and he’d cover 90 percent of the bill.

Michael claims she’s abusing the arrangement by engaging in a “pattern of conduct designed to increase unnecessarily the involvement of the PC and to significantly increase the fees charged by the PC.”

For example … Michael says Jean threw a wrench in their plan for their teenage twin daughters — Sophia and Isabella — to attend a school in North Carolina, so the PC had to step in and tell her to stick to what they already agreed on.

Michael says another example is Jean being uncooperative in scheduling his visitation with their girls, which again required the PC to intervene. According to the docs … the PC informed them she would simply have to make the visitation schedule for them because the situation had become “time-consuming, full of conflict, and unrealistic.”

There’s more — Michael claims Jean accused the PC of working as his assistant and siding with him because he pays 90 percent, something Michael now wants to rectify.

According to him, the PC recommends the parents pay a 50-50 split to prevent this issue … but Jean has declined that arrangement.

Michael now wants the court to step in and make them go halfsies … especially since he believes Jean is not acting in good faith to minimize the use of the coordinator.

We broke the story … Jean has her own issues with Michael regarding child support, and it looks like they’re on their way to another face-off in court.

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  1. Those girls are almost 18 years old. What does she mean she wants child support. Sounds like she is desperate for money. Those girls love their dad. The family court system caters to female usury

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