Shereé Says Her Mom “Was Just Taking Time Away” While Presumed Missing

Shereé Whitfield is opening up about what really went down when her mom was presumed missing. As previously reported the former RHOA star asked the public for help finding her mother Ms. Thelma Ferguson, 77, in early April. According to Sheree, while her mom is quite independent and sometimes takes “personal time away from family” she essentially left all her relatives on read and they were growing concerned.

Just days later, however, Ms. Thelma was found, but fans were still a bit unclear on what happened.

According to Sheree while she was feeling panicked, it turned out that her mom was just SICK of being quarantined and needed to escape from Sheree and Sheree’s kids; Tierra, Kaleigh, and Kairo.

So I think that we were all getting on each other’s nerves at one point or she kind of needed some time,” Shereé explained live from her chateau on Sunday’s episode of WWHL: @ Home.And that’s who she is,” she added. “She’s unapologetic about it. She don’t feel like she owes anyone an excuse.”

Andy Cohen then clarified with Shereé that her mom “wasn’t missing,” but that “she was just taking time.” According to the reality star that’s correct—but the family was just unaware.

We did not know that though. She took time and didn’t let us know,” said Shereé, who previously noted on Instagram that her mom has gone on vacation without notifying her family in the past. “That was the longest we had gone without ever hearing from her. And then we had this pandemic going on, so it was just a little scary for all of us.”

Interestingly enough, while the ladies of RHOA are known for being shady, Shereé told Andy that ALL of the housewives reached out to her in concern–even her frequent foe, Nene Leakes.

You know what, all of the girls reached out, including Nene, which I thought was amazing. You know, I also reached out to her when I found out Gregg [Leakes] was sick,” said Shereé. “So at the end of the day, you know, we may have our issues or whatever, but when it comes to our families and things like that, I don’t wish any bad ill on anybody and their family, and I think it’s the reverse as well.”

Isn’t’ that sweet?

Sheree’s full interview was considerably mild considering that she JUST sent some shady NeNe’s way. In case you missed it, NeNe said during an IG Live with Basketball Wife Jennifer Williams that Sheree likes to hang with con-artists. That lead to this clap back

Looks like that’s water over the bridge, now.

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