Shekinah Anderson Runs Away from Fight with Spice

It looks like Shekinah Anderson may be the first person on “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” to honestly walk away from a fight.

On a recent episode of the show, Anderson and fellow cast member Spice clashed during their ski trip after she accused Anderson of being a “fake friend.” Spice said the hair stylist agreed to help her look for a house in Atlanta for her and her children, who are currently living in Jamaica. However, the Jamaican Dancehall artist said every time she tried to contact Anderson about house hunting, she would never answer the phone.

Anderson didn’t really have an excuse for her behavior except to say that she was busy. She tried to apologize to Spice, but the “Imma Get It” singer wasn’t having it. 

In the April 27 episode, tension continued to build between the two ladies until Spice referred to Anderson as a fake “b—h.” Anderson was over the musician’s “stank” attitude and said in her confessional, “This trip has turned out to be a living hell. Instead of fire and brimstone, it’s snowing ice, and instead of the devil, it’s Spice.”

Things between the two cast members took a turn for the worst when Anderson tried to confront Spice about the tension between them. The Jamaican native yelled at Anderson, “Leave me alone. Obviously you don’t like me; stop calling my name!”

After Anderson added that she was tired of Spice’s rude treatment, the Dancehall artist charged at her and yelled, “You wanna fight!”

Anderson quickly fled to where the show’s security was standing and shouted, “I don’t want to fight, I don’t have no reason to fight you. I’m too old to be fighting and I done had too many plastic surgeries to be fighting. What the f–k is wrong with you I’m 35!”

“LHHATL” viewers cracked up at Anderson running away from her fight with Spice. 

“Yoooo my girl wanted no smoke ? she said ‘I done had too much plastic surgery to be fighting’”

“Shekinah to real for them ???? she is mood she need to leave this show and go back with Tiny. Honestly what is spice mad at ? I literally don’t understand”

“Shekinah is for pure entertainment and shenanigans ????How can you be upset with her”

“Now spice knows Shekinah did not….want to fight her. Shekinah’s literally the nicest & funniest one on the show. ?”

At least Shekinah was honest about not wanting the fight and being too old ??? but the way she ran to security lmaooo!!! Spice gets on my nerves”

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