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Nick Cannon Embarrassed Himself In Front Of Oprah By Quoting “The Color Purple”

Despite their celebrity statuses, even the rich and famous are often star-struck. For those that didn’t grow up rubbing elbows with other famous figures, they were fans before they gained notoriety. In an honest moment, multi-hyphenated mogul Nick Cannon shared that one his most uncomfortable run-ins with another celebrity, revealing that it was when he was formally introduced to Oprah Winfrey.

Nick recently visited The Howard Stern Show and talked about the moment he decided to quote The Color Purple in front of the OWN mogul. Back in 1985, Oprah starred as Sofia in the classic Steven Spielberg film that was based on acclaimed novelist Alice Walker’s book of the same name. Nick, like millions of others, is a fan of the movie so he thought he would break the ice by dropping a line from one of Sofia’s iconic moments in the film.

The first time I met Oprah I made the dumbest mistake,” Nick said. “Well, it wasn’t the first time I met her. I had seen her in passing and stuff but [this time] Mariah was on the show and we had just got married so this was my first face-to-face, like, real conversation with her. And so, we’re backstage in Chicago and Mariah did her thing on the show and she’s like, ‘Hey, Oprah, look, it’s Nick.'”

“One of my favorite movies is ‘The Color Purple,’ so, this was my opportunity to show Oprah how much I love ‘[The] Color Purple.’ So the first thing that comes out of my mouth was, ‘You told Harpo to beat me!'” Nick said as Stern laughed. “She looked at me. Mariah’s like, ‘I can’t believe you said that sh*t.’ And I’m thinking everybody’s gonna laugh!” He joked that things have been strange ever since. “Oprah look at [me]. We ain’t been on the same page since…That was the most awkward moment I’ve had.” He added, “We’ve seen each other on occasions, but every time I think she sees me she’s like, ‘That’s that motherf*cker that…

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