She Uses These Feet To Walk The Dog On Evelyn…

Basketball Wives star Ogun “OG” Chijindu has been trending online ever since the airing of last night’s Basketball Wives reunion. During the reality reunion show she accused Basketball Wives producers – and the ladies on the show – of colorism.

For the most part, fans of the show appear to believe OG’s claims.

But this morning, OG  began trending online for another reason – her ashy feet.

A fan of the show snapped a screenshot from last night’s airing of Basketball Wives, showing OG’s dry, ashy and chapped feet.

OG’s feet are likely “jacked up” because she’s a professional athlete. She’s a football player, although a little shea butter couldn’t hurt.

The Basketball Wives beauty recently retired from playing lingerie football though. And while playing she was regarded as one of the best – and most violent – players in the league.

I love hitting girls,” the California native explained in an interview. “I know it sounds mean, but it’s legal violence and nobody can tell me I can’t do it. So as long as it’s legal, I’m going to keep going out there, knocking girls down.”

OG and fiancé Kwame Alexander – an international basketball player – live in Los Angeles.

During the Basketball Wives reunion OG tried to bring up the “colorism” conversation, where she felt she was treated differently because of her darker skin tone. According to TMZ, Shaunie straight-up said it’s BS for costar OG Chijindu to accuse “Basketball Wives” of colorism … ’cause it just ain’t true.

Shaunie fiercely defended the show she stars in and executive produces … saying they work hard to make sure cast members like OG don’t feel like outcasts because of the color of their skin.

Things have gotten heated on the set for sure. OG was kept in a separate, small set during the taping of the reunion, but we’re told that was for security reasons.

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