She really went from son to father ? she built different yooo the hot girl summer is real”

Sean “Diddy” Combs and his rumored girlfriend Lori Harvey, have been spending quite a bit of time together, and this weekend they were spotted at a strip club together.

The 49-year-old hip-hop mogul was caught on camera partying it up at Atlanta’s Magic City gentleman’s club on this past weekend with Harvey, 22, and his two sons Christian and Justin Combs. The group was apparently in town for the “Bad Boy Entertainment” owner’s 2019 Revolt Summit.

Nevertheless, the video of Diddy, Harvey and Justin, 25, partying together made people a little uncomfortable, seeing as the model and Justin were apparently romantically involved. Now she’s allegedly dating his father.

Social media users couldn’t stop commenting on how strange the entire scenario seemed.

“What in the Alabama ? is going on here?! How can you be that pretty and get passed around like that?! I’m sorry but this whole situation is disgusting.”

“She really went from son to father ? she built different yooo the hot girl summer is real”

“I’m uncomfortable. That’s so weird how can you date the son then turn around and start dating the father ?.”

Some folks even speculated as to whether Harvey, the stepdaughter of comedy icon Steve Harvey, and Justin Combs were ever dating. They believe it was a coverup for her and Diddy’s rumored relationship.

She was never dating Justin it was always his daddy ?. Come on now y’all. There’s no way they’re all that comfortable,” one fan said. 

Last week, the 22-year-old and Diddy were spotted by paparazzi on a Mexico getaway. The pair sparked pregnancy rumors after the “Last Night” rapper was seen rubbing her stomach. Lori later uploaded a photo of her flat stomach, seemingly shutting down baby bump speculations.

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