Sewer Rats ET Gets Into Beauty Salon Fight After Mother Claims She Was “Rude” To Her Kid

ET is being BLASTED by a mother who says the City Girl was being “disgusting” to her 12-year-old daughter at her hair appointment. Now listen CLOSELY — JT was not getting her hair done at the salon when the alleged altercation went down. According to the mom, JT was visiting the stylist who was doing the mother’s hair with just the three ladies in the same room.

The mom says when her child entered the room, she noticed JT and spoke because she recognized her, that’s when things went LEFT. “JT turned around with her ugly-a** and looked her up and down.” She says JT was completely disgusting to her daughter and that’s what made her go off.

JT clapped back in a now-deleted post, detailing her side of the nasty dispute. This is what she wrote, verbatim:

Okay so it’s super sad I had to reactivate & gonna deactivate right again to explain myself because this is SUPER SAD! 1st I was alone because my friend who does hair ask me to stop by! & I thought I was gonna be there a quick second! & end up there longer then I expected to do my nails (it’s different suites in the place)

2. I had on mask & glasses meaning (I was low key) nobody knew I was there the lady went outside to tell her daughter who she left in car that I was in the back when I came back in the salon the little girl approached me from behind & said hey JT I looked back twice as a double take because I didn’t know where she came from & said “hey” LOW never looked her no type of way if I did how would you know? I had on SHADES next this bad bitch burnt mouth a** b*tch TRIED to check me & it went WRONG for ANYBODY who thought I was scared of a b*tch holding a camera phone in her hand your delusional she been holding this situation over our heads for days & the only reason was ask not to post is because my friend didn’t have on a wig.

IM NOT A NASTY PERSON IM NOT A BULLY I just can’t be bullied & I only apologized because she start CRYING & I felt bad not the daughter the MAMA was crying because everything she planned went wrong I was calm because she was recording me but was gone protect myself at all cost just not gone hit no one first who obviously looking & need a check! I CAN NOT BE CHECKED! I’m glad she got the attention she was looking for

It’s super sad how you guys would even post with her side when honestly I never called her daughter ugly that’s so wrong!

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