Serena Williams’ Daughter Puts Lipstick All Over Her Face In Hilarious Video

Serena Williams’ cute little toddler, Olympia Ohanian, has been wreaking havoc in the home while in quarantine amid the COVID-19 pandemic. That being said, the tennis champion took to social media to show the latest victim of the precocious baby girl – her mom’s makeup!

Serena shared an IG Story that showed the toddler with lipstick all over her face and the sportswoman was pretty ‘terrified.’

However, ultimately, it was a hilarious and super adorable moment that she just had to document and share with her followers.

While Olympia might be a little bored to be in the house with only her parents and no other kids her age to play with, for her mom and dad, there is no dull moment precisely because of her shenanigans!

The two year old was around in the back while her mom was sharing her skin-care routine with her millions of followers and Serena was scared to investigate what her daughter was doing.

‘I’m terrified to see what she’s doing,’ Serena admitted on camera.

In other words, she was putting on various creams and oils on her face and Olympia was pretty much doing her own routine but with makeup products, copying her mom.

At some point, she brought the child closer to the camera and made her face it, asking: ‘Olympia, what have you done.’

Seeing that she had drawn all over her face with different shades of lipstick, Serena reacted: ‘Oh my goodness. Ok, I will be back. I’m not even worrying about this situation right now. Olympia, not so much, Ok? That’s a lot of makeup and mommy’s going to have to clean all that off.’

As Serena continued her routine, the baby of the family got carried away even more, at some point showing her makeup to the camera, which was all over her tiny little face!

It was obvious that the toddler really liked her results as she exclaimed ‘I cute!’

You’re cute? Yes you are beautiful. Even with all that makeup that you did,’ the proud mom gushed while kissing her cheek.

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