Just a few weeks after taking an L in the grand slam final at the U.S. Open, Serena is chillaxing on a beach somewhere … arms up, cakes out. It’s good stuff.

Serena is 37-years-old and continuing to impress in all facets of her life. She’s still a beast on the court. Killing it in business. And, her body … good god.

Despite all the great things, there are still a bunch of racist jerks looking to cause drama in Serena’s life, including some moronic Romanian TV host who crawled out of the gutter to describe Williams as a “monkey” during a recent broadcast.

The actual quotes 49-year-old Radu Bancui uttered on TV are so offensive and disgusting, we’re not going to publish them here … but it’s been reported he’s been fined by the body that oversees content on Romanian television.

Quite frankly, the fine isn’t big enough.

Seems Williams has to deal with this kind of crap all the time from various racist idiots all over the world — including in her home country.

Both Serena and Venus have talked openly about being called the N-word at the 2001 BNP Paribas Open tournament in Indian Wells, California.

But, today, Serena’s tuning it all out and basking in her success … and we couldn’t be happier about it.

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