Scott Disick Screams at Corey Gamble After He Suggests ‘Spanking’ Daughter Penelope on KUWTK

Word to the wise: Don’t mess with Scott Disick‘s kids.

In a sneak peek at Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, a family dinner becomes heated when Disick and Kris Jenner‘s boyfriend Corey Gamble get into a screaming match over how to discipline a child.

Disick, 36, becomes enraged when Gamble suggests the idea of spanking the Flip It Like Disick star’s 7-year-old daughter Penelope Scotland.

“If P scratch me, I’m whipping her a–,” says Gamble.

“My daughter?” Disick replies, visibly shocked and angry.

And when Gamble doubles down on his statement, things quickly escalate.

“Give her a spanking, for sure,” Gamble says.

“My little daughter?!” Disick shouts.

“Whippin’ is that discipline!” Gamble declares.

Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian West and Jenner sit quietly at the table in disbelief as the verbal blows continue.

“Don’t ever talk about a child like that!” Disick yells.

Gamble becomes even more enraged, this time shouting profanity at Disick. “Motherf—–, what you talking about?” he says.

And at this point, Disick has had enough. “Get the f— outta here!” he says, throwing his hands up.

While it’s unclear what sparked the fight, this isn’t the first time someone in the Kardashian family has found themselves at odds with Gamble.

In May, Kanye West impulsively threw shade at Gamble over text, questioning why they had never met his family. (Kris, 63, and Gamble, 38, have been dating since the fall of 2014, following her divorce from Caitlyn Jenner, but they’ve kept their relationship relatively private.)

“Kanye texts Corey something along the lines of, ‘Look, we don’t know you, we’ve never met any of your family members,’ ” explained Kim, 38, during an episode of the reality show. “Of course we’ve all felt that way and thought that, but for Kanye to just so bluntly say that to him — I feel like that was the wrong choice to make at that time.”

“Kanye’s delivery wasn’t great, but the essence of what he said is true,” added Khloé, 34. “Corey does tend to be pretty secretive and that does have me pretty guarded. … We don’t know Corey like that.”

Naturally, Jenner was offended.

“Nobody really slows down enough to take a look at it from a bird’s eye view of my life,” she said. “I want you to recognize that when you do question my relationship with Corey, it isn’t okay and it hurts feelings. I think what you guys don’t realize is Corey is really taking care of me like no one ever has in my entire life

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