Say What Now? 👁👁 Is Adding The Word ‘Bussy’ To The English Language For Pride Month . . . Thank Lil Bottom X!

Word On The Curb…

Lil Nas X is changing the English language. Two weeks ago, the openly gay rap star asked the website to add the term “Bussy” into the English language.

Initially, said it was “considering” adding the LGBT+ slang word “bussy” to its list of definitions – after a request from Lil Nas X.

The website appears to be accepting the new word. A person on Twitter, who claims to work for the company as a “lexicographer” or a person who compiles dictionaries, man the announcement unofficially on social media.

In case you’re wondering, bussy is a slang term that refers to a gay man’s an*s – which many also call a “boy p***y.”

Here’s how describes itself:

We provide millions of English definitions, spellings, audio pronunciations, example sentences, and word origins.’s main, proprietary source is the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, which is continuallyupdated by our team of experienced lexicographers.

This all started when Lil Nas X, a country/trap rapper tweeted: “for pride month it’s really important that our government finally takes a stand and adds bussy to the dictionary.”’s original response was: “We added WAP to the dictionary, so anything’s possible.”

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