Saltine Crackers Out Here Fighting ??DANIELLE BREGOLI GETS ASS BEAT BY WOAH VICKY … Insists Fight Was Unfair

Danielle Bregoli is adamant she didn’t lose her latest face-off against fellow viral star Woah Vicky — saying the girl doesn’t fight fair, and neither do the dudes who held her back.

Bhad Bhabie got into a brawl super early Wednesday morning down in Atlanta, where we’re told she rolled up to confront her archnemesis, WV, at a studio she was at during a recording session for rapper Lil Gotit. Well, they did more than s**t talk … they scrapped.

TMZ got a hold of footage from the fight, and Vicky pretty clearly got the best of Danielle … although BB later took to social media to plead her case — that she wasn’t touched.

Danielle says Vicky had a firm grip on her hair, but that despite this … the older Woah Vicky never landed a clean punch on her face, and thus — did NOT win this round. In fact, DB seems to suggest she actually won the fight by getting hands on Vicky.

On top of all that … Bhad Bhabie says the fellas in the room got in her way — specifically the dude in the gray sweatsuit who literally held her back — and prevented Danielle from unleashing a proper ass-whooping on Vicky, who can be seen retreating from the room.

BTW, props to these upstanding gentlemen for standing by and recording this — a minor being assaulted by a barely legal adult. Your moms must be proud of ya.

This, of course, isn’t the first time Vicky and Danielle have battled. You’ll recall … they got into it last year in L.A., where they were both swinging on each other at what appeared to be a mall. Once-upon-a-time kid rapper Lil Tay was in the mix too at the time.

She’s kinda dropped off since then though … but it looks like the Bhabie and Vicky feud is still going strong.

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