Safaree Goes Diaper Shopping – Check Out Why He Danced On The Streets!

Safaree is the happiest father out there. He’s been in awe ever since his and Erica Mena’s baby girl came into the world.

He shared a new video on his social media account and told his fans that this is the very first time when he went diaper shopping.

For him, it was quite the quest, so when he managed to find what he was looking for, he celebrated this massive achievement with a dance in the middle of the street.

Check out Safaree dancing with his pal and with the diaper pack in his hand! This is how a happy dad looks like.

‘I just went diaper shopping for the 1st time, and it took forever to find newborn pampers size, so this will be my dance to celebrate finding em. Me & @sai_itaintso #rippopsmoke I went to 5 places to find em!! I’m probably doing it wrong, but ??’ Safaree captioned his funny clip.

Someone said that ‘He just needed something to say. How can you not believe that they stocked out on newborn Pampers,’ and one follower believes that Safaree should have bought more: ‘Should have got more than one bag, so you dont have to rush bk out anytime soon fam!’

Another follower was on the very same page and asked: ‘Did you get more than one? Baby girl will go through them in like three days lol. Matter fact, just get the big box!’

One other follower said: ‘I hope you got more than that one pack the way you been on the hunt for those diapers.’

Both Erica and Safaree are living their best lives since they welcomed their baby girl into this world.

Fans cannot wait to see the baby’s face, and they keep asking the mom to post some pics with the golden child. Erica probably wants to wait a bit longer before she reveals her daughter’s face online.

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