Royalty Brown, 5, Is So GrownUp Sipping Orange Juice From A Champagne Glass

Royalty Brown was all smiles as she enjoyed a girl’s day with Chris Brown’s mom, Joyce Hawkins, and her ‘MeMe’! Breezy’s daughter has been using her quarantine to bond with her loving family.

Bottoms up! Royalty Brown, 5, looked like she was at a grown-up brunch (minus the alcohol, of course) while sipping on orange juice from a champagne glass with her grandma Joyce Hawkins (Chris Brown’s mom) and her “MeMe” (a nickname commonly used for grandmothers). The adorable trio smiled as they raised their glasses of OJ for a toast, and the sweet moment was shared on Royalty’s Instagram page on April 15. “My NaNa and MeMe! #StayHome,” read the caption (presumably written by Royalty’s mother, Nia Guzman).

As you can see, Royalty is having a blast amid her quarantine! A source close to Chris EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that “Royalty isn’t missing out” despite California’s shelter-in-place order, and that her family keeps “her plenty busy with lots of arts and crafts projects, and games. She loves to go swimming, and of course the TikTok dances Royalty loves to do.” Royalty filmed one of these TikTok dance challenges with her grandma, Joyce, which Chris couldn’t help but laugh at (due to his mother’s adorable offbeat moves) when he shared the clip on April 9.

Although Royalty’s quarantine hasn’t been a snooze, the little one is still being kept safe. “Royalty’s health and safety are the number one priority at all times,” our source further added. “Chris and Nia aren’t taking any chances when it comes to protecting their daughter. They don’t allow her to come into contact with anyone other than their own family members and she doesn’t even leave any of their homes to go out in public.”

Royalty’s parents are also making sure their daughter stays protected by wearing a face mask! Royalty proved that you don’t need to sacrifice a sense of style to follow the CDC’s guidelines, since she recently rocked a camouflage face maskfrom her dad’s Black Pyramid clothing line.

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