Robert Dickem Down Honey Bun Roman Noodle Eating Azz Kelly Is SUICIDAL . . . Stopped Bathing . . And Getting BEAT UP & EXTORTED In Prison👁

Word On The Curb..

R Kelly is having a hard time behind bars, Media Take Out has confirmed. According to reports, the platinum selling singer is getting beat up and extorted behind bars. And now, according to one of his former cellmates – “Kells may be contemplating suicide

News of R Kelly’s treatment behind bars came from a prominent Chicago gang member named Joc Da Block, who is currently locked up in the same cell block as R Kelly, Media Take Out confirmed.

R Kelly is currently locked up in MDC Brooklyn, a federal jail in New York City filled with some of the most deadly criminals in the world. For example, El Chapo is also currently housed there.

And given R Kelly’s conviction – as a child s*x offender – he’s having a hard time behind bars. Joc Da Block claims that one inmate “beat” R Kelly while the singer slept:

The gangster claims that R Kelly is so scared of being pressed in the bathroom, that he’s now refusing to take showers.

He also claim that R Kelly is now suicidal, after being harassed and extorted for more than a year

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