Rob Kardashian Will Check Into Treatment Facility

The past few years have been tumultuous for Rob Kardashian.

Ever since his split from Blac Chyna, the 32-year-old reality star has largely been out of the spotlight, spending most of his time in his home.

In late October, it was reported that had been hitting the gym on a daily basis and lost 20 pounds. The news prompted Kardashian fans to believe Rob was attempting a comeback. Unfortunately, he reportedly went back to his previous lifestyle.

Radar Online is reporting that 2020 may be Rob’s year to get back into shape. The goal is for him to get his weight in check.

“Try as he might there’s just not enough willpower to stick to a healthy routine and lose the weight naturally,” an insider close to Rob told Radar Online. “Rob’s sick of being so chronically overweight, particularly in a house filled with health freaks, and he’s been putting this off forever but even he now accepts it’s time.”

The site reports that Kardashian is taking a drastic measure to improve his health: checking into a treatment facility to reduce his weight. As far as the facility is concerned, the source says it’s top notch. “The plan is to send him off to a five-star retreat for as long as it takes, months even, so he can come back and start totally afresh,” the source said.

We’re wishing Rob good luck! Losing and keeping off weight isn’t easy for anyone.

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