Rob Kardashian Heads To Court Amid Accusations He Threatened To Kill Blac Chyna’s Friend

Rob Kardashian rushed to court following Blac Chyna’s former friend accusing him of threatening to hire a hitman to kill him, along with alleged homophobic slurs.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kardashian is responding to allegations filed in court documents by Chyna’s ex-friend, Pilot Jones.

Jones sued Kardashian and Chyna accusing them of outing him as a gay man. He claimed they even threatened him in a text message group chat. He filed screenshots of the alleged group chat in court, pointing out Kardashian’s alleged threats and homophobic language.

In newly filed docs, Kardashian says Jones never took the alleged threats seriously. He states, “Although Plaintiff argues that the Group Texts include “true and direct threats of harm” and are therefore not protected speech the argument is disingenuous because Plaintiff never took the so-called threats seriously.”

He points to a text Jones’ sent that read, “This is honestly not even that serious . . . If you feel you have to send 30 ppl to beat me up to prove your manhood or whatever, go ahead. Fortunately, I am spiritual (not religious) – at any rate that doesn’t intimidate or scare me. I have done nothing but be a good friend to Chyna. From throwing her a bday party (that she didn’t show up to) to connecting her to business opportunities, like the emoji app (to which I received no compensation), so now I’m a bad person because some pictures got leaked? Ok, I’ll take that. It is what it is. This too shall pass.”

Kardashian says, “Moreover, and further showing that Plaintiff did not perceive the Group Texts to be threatening, it is undisputed that, rather than retreat from the so-called confrontation with Kardashian, Plaintiff proceeded to pursue publicity about it and provided a video interview to” a media outlet regarding Chyna.

Further, “Far from ducking the limelight, Plaintiff exploited the controversy and related publicity as a form of self-promotion in the entertainment industry. He continued to do so for months, forcing his way back into the press in July 2017 (over eight months after the events alleged in the Complaint) by issuing statements about the incident and calling Chyna a “master manipulator.”

He ends, “Plaintiff is an opportunist who filed a meritless lawsuit as a shakedown attempt, seeking a payday from Kardashian”

Kardashian wants the case thrown out immediately.

Last year, actor Pilot Jones (real name: Justin C. Jones) sued his Chyna (real name: Angela White) and Kardashian.

In his lawsuit, Pilot Jones said when a photo of him making out with Chyna leaked, Rob and Chyna blamed him for selling the photo and then publicly exposed him as bisexual and released his private phone number to the public.

He denied leaking the photo in question, which caused a rift between Rob and Chyna at the time and says them leaking his number caused him to receive threatening message.

Jones claimed Rob and Chyna ruined his life and claimed he attempted suicide from all of it. He sued seeking $2 million dollars in damages.

Chyna fired back at the lawsuit denying she did anything wrong. She argued, “At all times during our friendship, J.C. was very open about his sexuality, that he was gay. I witnessed him kiss another man in front of other people on at least one occasion. I also saw him stick his back side in another man’s face at least one time. I recall that his social media posts at the time did not hide the fact that he was gay. Based on everything I knew about J.C., I believed that he was an openly gay man and that his sexuality was well known.”

Kardashian has sought to have the lawsuit thrown out too. He placed the blame on Chyna and denied all wrongdoing. Kardashian said he never spoke to Jones on the phone. He added, “I have never been friends with or an acquaintance of Jones.”

He said, “I never conspired with Ms. White or anyone else to “execute a campaign of cyberbullying against Jones”. Kardashian adds, “I never threatened to disseminate private information about Jones to the public, including without limitation his sexual orientation, his cell phone or his email address.”

Earlier this month, Jones filed new docs demanding a judge not dismiss Kardashian.

He argues, “Kardashian’s conduct involved multiple immediate direct threats of harm by both Kardashian, himself, and by third parties that Kardashian indicated he would be hiring to maim and kill Jones on his behalf, even if he were to travel to Atlanta. There can be no reasonable argument Kardashian’s multiple direct and graphic death threats to Plaintiff are not the sort of “extreme and outrageous”

Jones points to alleged text messages sent by Kardashian. One text read, “This is my Wife and you about to get your ass beat by every Mexican in LA including me. I promise you that. . . YOU ABOUT TO GET YOUR ASS BEAT BY ABOUT EVERY LOYAL MEXICAN IN LOS ANGELES AND IF U DON’T THINK I GOT FOOLS IN ATLANTA we are going to beat your ass.”

He also allegedly text Jones, “Nobody fu–ing with u but my boys will. Like I said us Mexicans don’t play and u got my Wife hot” and “I will find out where u are”.

The case is ongoing.

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