Rihanna’s New Documentary BLAST Beyonce & Jay Z, Details Breakup w/ Arab BF!!

Rihanna is currently working on a documentary about her life which will air on Amazon Prime, entitled Rihanna: Volume One.

The documentary is set for release later this year, and one person who claims to have watched the doc – is leaking details.

According to one person, who claims to have watched the screener – the documentary was explosive. The person, who remained anonymous, posted details allegedly from the project on a popular message board, frequented by celebrities and Hollywood insiders.

The person claims that Rihanna’s new doc is extremely gritty – and it pulls no punches.

The documentary, according to the insider, focuses in large part on Rihanna’s strained relationship with her father. Rihanna’s father is quite a character. He frequently leaks information about his daughter two the press, and last year Rihanna was forced to sue her dad – for allegedly selling her image without permission.

But Rihanna is coming for everyone in her upcoming documentary – including Jay & Bey. 

The most interesting part, according to the insider, was Rihanna chronicled alleged problems with her manager RocNation and Jay Z. In the documentary, Rihanna suggests that Jay Z went behind her back and leaked her album Anti prematurely, to help prop up his wife Beyonce’s Formation. 

Jay Z’s streaming platform Tidal accidentally leaked Anti weeks earlier than Rihanna anticipated. Officially, Jay Z & Tidal blamed the leak on a “system error.”

The documentary suggests that Rihanna had a “falling out” with Jay Z and Beyonce over the “leak”, and that lead Rih to sign a deal with Spotify – instead of the Carter’s Tidal.

The documentary also details Rihanna’s relationship, and eventual breakup with Saudi Billionaire Hassan Jameel.

If the documentary covers all that the insider says – it’s going to be EXPLOSIVE.

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