Rich The Kid Calls GF Tori Brixx A “Stupid A** B*Tch”, Apologizes In Lengthy IG Post

Rich The Kid And Tori Brixx Have Spat On IG, Rapper Apologizes

Rapper Rich The Kid had a spat with his girlfriend Tori Brixx recently that lead to him making a public apology. While we have no idea what the parents were originally quarreling about, their uncomfortable domestic beef was captured during one of Rich The Kid’s recent IG live sessions.

Apparently, Rich was playing music for his fans when Tori walked into the room and seemingly unplugged the speakers. She walks in, says something and he calls her a “stupid a** b*tch”. Here is the clip of the dispute.

Yikes! Since the disrespect was public, Rich decided to make his apology to Tori public and in writing on his Instagram page. He wrote:

My life is everything with you & nothing without, I love you more than anything on earth I want to sincerely apologize for my behavior this weekend I was either drunk or high but that still does not excuse it. I would never disrespect my wife in any way or any day I can only treat with utmost respect for being the women Of me dreams & the best mother to our child.

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