RHOA Alum Apollo Nida: Kandi & Todd Burruss Sold Me Out!!

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Apollo Nida went on live with Peter Thomas, where he made claims that he was “sold out” but pals Kandi Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker.

“If I talk to you and say ‘put my stuff here; it’s hush hush’ — you ain’t posed to say nothing! You ain’t posed to go on national TV and say ‘Hey we holdin this for Apollo just for a storyline. You sold me out!” he said of the couple.

He’s speaking about the time that Kandi and Todd admitted that they were hiding some of Nida’s valuable items from the feds back in 2014.

“This situation has turned into something bigger than it should’ve been. I hate that people think we were trying to hide something. We were never trying to hide his stuff from the feds or Phaedra. It was never a secret. When the feds asked for it we gave it to them. We didn’t have any issues with the feds. It’s not like we knew the details of Apollo’s case, so we had no idea that Apollo’s motorcycle being at our house was even an issue,” Kandi said at the time

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