Remy Man Doesn’t Think People Know The True Definition Of “Snitching”

We may not have had much Tekashi 6ix9inenews in the last few days, but that doesn’t mean that Remy Ma is finished discussing “snitches.” Last week on State of the Culture, Remy tensed up when her co-host, attorney Eboni K. Williams, shared how she believes informants should behave. “Can I get off of this couch while she’s giving people advice on how to f*ckin’ snitch?” Remy asked at the time. “She is telling y’all how to snitch and y’all just sitting here listening to it!”On a recent episode of the series, Remy once again touched on the topic of snitching, but this time she carefully spelled out her definition of the term. There has been some backlash from the public regarding her stance on 6ix9ine, real name Daniel Hernandez, because some believe that the rapper was in the clear to turn government informant over his life being in danger.

“People do not understand the definition of the word snitch,” Remy on this week’s State of the Culture broadcast. “When you are involved in illegal activities and when you get caught, in exchange for lesser time and-or your freedom or anything less than what you wouldn’t already gotten…you then decide to give them information and the names of other people that you know that are committing crimes—the same as you, with you, or without you. Because sometimes people snitch on people that have nothing to do with them. ‘Oh, yeah, you caught me? I know about so-and-so. Will that help me?’ That’s snitching.” Did she pretty much cover it, or are here variables that she’s missing?

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