Remy Ma: Rape Victims Who Sue For Money – Are Prostitutes!!

Female rapper and reality star Remy Ma is trending this morning – for making very controversial comments about rape victims. According to the “Lean Back” rapper, any woman that sues her rapist for money damages – is a “prostitute.”

Yes…she said “prostitute” and as you can imagine, Remy is being dragged all over social media.

During the new episode of State Of The Culture, Remy and the rest of the hosts discussed rape victims, and the new “Me Too” culture. And almost immediately, Remy seemed to be scrutinizing the victims.

First, Remy starts off by claiming that in many of the celebrity rape cases, there is “another agenda going on.”

Then according to Remy, in many of these cases the women are actually lying, and concocting a story against the celebrity. Remy explained, “[they] find some slutbag whores this [celebrity] has dealt with before and see who we can pull in to say this happens”

The Bronx rapper told her co-hosts that if she was raped, she doesn’t want money. She wants the accused to be castrated and have criminal stuff happen to him. 

Finally, Remy made the most explosive claim. Remy added that women who ask for money after an alleged attack – “just want to be paid”. 

Co-host Ebony interrupted Remy to say that the women who are wronged deserve “compensation.” 

But Remy, relentless in her position fought back saying – “that’s prostitution.” Joe Budden, the show’s main host, agreed with Remy.

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