Red Table Talk: T.I. And Tiny Talk About Being Back From The Brink Of Divorce

Red Table Talk was the platform T.I. chose to try and address the controversy he sparked after making comments that lead the whole world to believe that he’s sexist, overprotective of his daughter and pretty much the model for toxic masculinity. That went over… probably not as convincingly as he would have hoped for, but damage control was done to some extent — however Jada and Gam aren’t quite finished with the Harrises. Tiny gets more vocal in part 2 of the episode which airs in full on Monday, December 2 at at 9:00 a.m. PT / 12:00 p.m. ET., only on Facebook Watch.

In the second part, the couple open up like we’ve never seen them before, discussing the ups and downs of their marriage, including public controversies, prison, infidelity and filing for divorce.

Tiny’s body language is CLEAR. Whew… This should be a DOOZY. And SMH @ led to things which led to things which led to things. Guys, if you cheat on your wife and she forgives you please be clear that blaming her for it is NOT the correct answer. 

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