R&B Singer Monica Criticized For Posing For Photoshoot During A Funeral

Legendary R&B singer Monica is coming under heavy criticism today, after the superstar posed for what looked like a Photoshoot while attending a funeral in Atlanta, MTO News has learned.

Many off her fans are calling the beautiful pictures “tasteless.”

Here are the images that are being criticized:

Monica helped put together the funeral service, and it looked beautiful – and so did she. The funeral was for Atlanta businessman Larry Page. Here’s a portion of Larry’s obituary:

Larry Paige was born December 5, 1949 to the late Alphonso and Edna Mae Paige. His childhood was shared with his siblings James, Laura, Marilyn, Leonard (deceased), Ruth, Pearl (deceased). Larry married Mary Vaughn on April 27, 1987. They shared four sons, Marcus Hamilton, Max and Marlon Paige and Derrick Glover

But fans thought Monica’s many IG posts were over the top. They didn’t like the way that Monica took staged pictures at the funeral, as if she was at a red carpet event – and posted them online.

Here are some comments from Twitter, which show just how frustrated fan are with the singer:

She looks gorgeous. But the funeral photo shoot is quite tacky.

This is so wrong. Why is she like this?

The photos with family are fine. The solo portraits are too much.

She is smooth serving tacky.And the picture showcasing the woman’s grief? Ugh.

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