Ray J Hints That He Is Already Single In New Photo After Estranged Wife Princess Love Norwood Announced That She Is Eager To Get A Divorce

According to recent rumors, while singer and businessman Ray J was in Las Vegas for the Soul Train Awards, he preferred the company of hired companions instead of spending time with his wife, Princess Love, and their little child, Melody Norwood, and left his family alone in Sin City.

As a result of his actions, the reality TV star may be a single man again soon, since divorce seems like a very likely possibility for the power couple.

After the supposed events in Las Vegas took place, Princess Love has voiced her concerns that she does not believe in her relationship and does not want to be married to her husband anymore, even though she is pregnant with their second child, a baby boy.

Meanwhile, Ray J has stated he wants to try to repair his marriage for the sake of his young daughter. However, it seems the singer may be given up on his desire to fix the relationship because he was spotted without his wedding ring on Monday, while he was at the Los Angeles International Airport.

Since then, pictures of the entrepreneur started circulating the Internet, and on them, it is visible how the hand of the disgraced husband is free of his wedding band, and on its place, only a tan line remains.

One person had this reaction to the photo: “He’s resorted back to his old ways smh.it was more than argument. He was dipping his ding dong in someone else’s milk. 

Another follower wrote: “Wayminute…..breakup when the man starts working again?ohhhhhhh alimony child support….duhphase two lawyers shuffle.

This social media user shared: “He Ghosted on her when she was pregnant the first time. It’s like he’s trying to get his last days of freedom every time a major life event happens. I am glad she is moving on.

AA fourth backer stated: “Oh please, they love each other, I wouldn’t read too much into a piece of jewelry he happens not to be wearing at the moment.”

Ray J and Princess Love tied the knot in a private ceremony in Los Angeles back in August 2016, and their daughter was born two years later, in 2018 and they are expecting a baby boy either later this year or early 2020.

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