Ray J Caught With The Mask In Leaked Video, Amidst Divorce Drama With Princess Love

Ray J has a lot more family drama coming his way.

This leaked video could be all innocent, but given his recent issues with his pregnant wife Princess Love, Ray J might want to be more careful who he hangs out with. Last month, Princess put him on blast on the Gram before announcing that she is filing for divorce. On Wednesday, a video of the Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood star seemingly getting cozy with a new chick before entering his car was posted by TSR, leaving many to believe he’s finally taking the breakup seriously and moving on. Ray J is currently on the brink of a breakup from his wife Princess Love after the rapper/entrepreneur reportedly left her and his 1-year-old daughter in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. While Ray was trying to keep things on the low, Princess, who is now 8 months pregnant with their second child, is airing it all out on social media.

Princess Love mentioned on numerous occasions that she’s filing for divorce
. However, she has yet to take the first step in serving her famous husband with divorce docs. Perhaps she is channeling her focus on her pregnancy as she gets ready to welcome another baby. On the other hand, sometimes people just need some good ole fashion motivation to get them going, and Ray J may have just offered it on a silver platter.

The video making the rounds shows the singer/actor inviting a woman who has a handful of money into his ride. By the looks of things, it seems he stopped her when he noticed the camera was rolling. You can also hear the woman calling Ray J “bae,” a term that is most times reserved for your significant other. A lot of persons are saying that Ray seems to be the victim in the scenario. TV host Tanisha Thomas commented, “Smh and that thirsty dry throat bish KNOW he’s not available.” 

Others have mentioned that he does look a bit drunk or under the influence of some substance, therefore, being taken advantage of. “He was obviously drunk asf and she wanted to take advantage of him with calling him bae and he probably don’t even know her,” one fan wrote. Persons have combed through the short clip looking for evidence to support the singer. Another possible explanation is, “Looks like he’s about to take a picture with a fan. Folks always jump to conclusions.”

While the video is not clear and a bit too short to effectively decipher what took place, it could still be used as ammunition for Princess, who is already on edge.

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